Dirtier and Blacker

It’s gonna be a dirty black summer
With dripping sweat, dripping need
The super-moist kind you can’t just wipe clean
Long months, not just lazy days of bummer
Watching your mushroom bloom, then seed
In front of love, my most favorite scene
Do we really only have 10 left?
If so, how will we spend them?
Choking on the atmospheric cloud…
I’ll be daydreaming about your secret cleft
Itching up the beguiling hem
Only in my thoughts, never aloud
And I’m bareback on my magical unicorn
Rubbing, sliding, and galloping
Ooh…these sweet secret flings
Mmmm…you put the E in horn
Rejoicing and singing
Hell yea I want those dirty black things

4 thoughts on “Dirtier and Blacker

  1. Ten? Eleven? Twelve?
    Who cares as long as we delve!
    Putting the black into the darkest nights,
    You sucking off pain, what a sight.
    My dirty lil bitch,
    You cast a hex I can’t ditch.
    And I’ll fuck you until the world dries.
    Then under your wing we’ll hide.
    And into the twilight of this earth,
    We’ll cum again in promised rebirth.
    Two unicorns, you and I.,
    And into eternity, we will ride.

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