I let the saliva run from my mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er your clit.

I rub the head of my cock over and in,

Lubricating it.

I slip into your pussy’s warmth,

Easily, as we’re so wet.

Oh how good each inch feels,

Hotter the deeper it gets.

Slowly we consummate our union,

Feeling the love in our sex.

Slowly we build the passion,

Readying for what comes next.

Steadily our natural rhythm,

Finds pleasure as we glide.

Steadily our breathes quicken,

Thrusting wrapped in your thighs.

Suddenly as the feeling within.

Let’s lust pour into your core.

You too let out a cry of the purest joy,

Shuddering from faith restored.

You let the saliva run from your mouth,

A long string that flows down o’er my cock.

And then as it merges with our sex,

You lick up and swallow the lot.


I want to be more for you Beast

I wanted more

I wanted to be more

I longed for a man such as you

I Carved my fantasies

And dropped each one on my bedroom floor

To be vacuumed up later

In between drop off and pickup…

Years and years came and went

I had all but given up…

Then we met

Gasoline poured

Sparks flew

Both of our smoke detectors began going off

And we ignited

So hot for each other

We were one another’s flame!

We made love until we burned

Until our flesh melted

Until our passion became palpable

And all we could feel…was our love❤️

Beast…I want to Carve away at our obstacles until they are gone

I love you💕

via Daily Prompt: Carve

Daily Prompt: Undulate (Roads)

Our roads are a rocky ones

They lead to what’s desired

They have many twists, many turns

Undulates each, low and high

Our roads are rolling ones

Both borne of passion’s fire

They can only ever end one way

Achieving that to which we aspire

Our roads are crossing ones

Intersecting to align converged

Both leading to our heaven’s door

Both open to love’s traffic, that surge

via Daily Prompt: Undulate

Two types of love

I believe there are two types of love.

One like ours, beautiful based upon trust.

Another that’s blind without a care.

That can land just about anywhere.

I’ve felt both, I confess that I have.

But I converted to the first, to say I’m glad.

Because ours is something I’d never found.

Never in my life had it been so sound.

Yeah right! I hear you scorn.

But I promise you Beauty, I feel reborn.

There are two types of love I know.

But ours is the truth and I’m never letting it go.


I miss you

I miss you

Miss your touch

I like your mouth

Very much

The teasing licks

That tease me so

Oh if only

I didn’t have to go

I miss you

You’re tender kiss

Tongue that dances

Soft sweet lips

The warmth

You hold inside

Wrapped around my waist

Your long lean thighs

I miss you

Your wit, your fun

Your smiling eyes

Your sexy bum

But no matter how long

We’re apart

Memories stay

Deep in my heart

I’ll miss you

Deeply, deeper still

Til we’re together again

Til we’re refulfilled 

Then the longing


Together again

Our needs we’ll sate


You Smell Really Good

My favorite fragrance….
“Just been fucked by beast”
Oooh…yea….spray me….
Douse me! Soak me!
Get me nice and…wet
Mmm…smells so good
Good enough to eat!!!
And it is tasty to consume…
This perfume……
This musky treat!
Made with love
As we…make love
Your skin melting into my skin
We become…just one…floating
In this HOT atmospheric cloud
I wish I could bottle this scent!
I’d wear it everyday….
On my neck…
My tits
My tummy
My pussy
My thighs
Even my toes!!!!