Like no one else does

I want to strip
Leave all that covers me
So I can feel us
Feel the breeze
As you slide between my knees

I want us to escape 
By just looking into each other’s eyes
Imagining the lust
As it builds to blow
Fingers entwined
Knuckles like locks
And my teeth in your skin 
Holding for life, holding for love
For what’s below 
Even more for what’s above

I want you to see me
Like no one else does
Like no one else can
Sweating with exertion 
Your big life-giving insertion

I long for those days
You know the ones
When we stay in bed
Our bodies being fed
Awakened from the dead
With just a look
I strip you too

I love you Beast❤️

Please stay safe❤️❤️❤️❤️

Just You, Just Me

If we could, I think we should

Our fingertips will touch

And we will feel each other’s breath

Dreams falling from our moist lips

Creating warm steam

Swirling like mini tornados

Trapped in here with us

Warming our flesh

We will just stay here



Under the veil

Where our childishness went

The older we got

And we’ll hold each other

And our hopes

Hidden away, here

In our special place

Our bodies somehow whispering

And we can’t let go

Go up for air…

Instead we will hide

Sharing secrets, sharing love

Just you, just me

I love you Beast ❤️

Daddy and I wrote a poem today❤️

Your eyes belie the disguise

The anger simmering

Fury swirling like rays

You’ve been a little witch

This has been coming

Brewing for days

And like candy sprinkles

Sinking into sweet frosting

I can’t move from your gaze

Get your arse here

Get those knickers down

And pray

I’m afraid, I’ve displeased

So, I will daddy…get on my knees

And words will pass between us

The time for words has passed

My belt will give the effect that lasts

Now do it without a fuss

My hands fall down on the bed

And my bum sways up

As I spread my knees…

Good girl compliant at last

This punishment I must cast

For discipline and my needs

You can’t see me, my smile

The Desire, a forest fire in my eyes

My plan is working!

Whack sparks fly free into the night

Smack your fire dowsed by tears that you fight

Swipe your legs shaking, jerking

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh like cake, you squeeze, take

And I whimper for you, my love

I live for this, for what we do

Flesh that’s mine I choose to use

And you whimper for me, my love.