Daily Prompt: Invisible (Complicated Man)

Can you see me, see who I am?

Can you distinguish the boy from the man?

Can you read my moods, know when to play?

Can you decipher the codes sent your way?

Are these things evident, clearly on show?

Are they apparent, or is it hard to know?

Tell me Beauty, have you worked me out?

Or am I so deep and twisted as to make you doubt?

Can you really see me, see who I am?

Or am I an enigma, an invisible man?

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Bodies Blended

Our eyes got caught

So we fingered for the entry

Drift with me lover

Get lost with me

We won’t recover

Can’t you see?

Roam with me

Romp and play

There is no one like me

There can never be

I’m carved into your soul

Burrowed in deep

That first kiss…

That first embrace

Two loners

One boner

Pouring ourselves into bed

Blending our bodies

Sucking down our shakes

All our little earthquakes

We are born again

Over and over




I love you Beast ❤️

Like the present…

Salivation pours…
As your tongue spreads it
Like melted butter across your teeth
And before you swallow it down
You taste the oily evidence…
Of anticipation!
You’ve prayed
For this prey
All those camouflaged desires
Blackened eyes
And verbal-stab wounds
Hiding behind life’s alternate facade
Toe tapping anxiousness
Glimpsing a ray of sunshine
Are you ready?
You say to yourself…
It’s fight or flight
She’s in your sight
And your site…
There’s no time
Like the present
Feeling cocksure…
Your cock’s sure too
Her white meets your white
Or is it your black?
Your lips smack
It feels like a heart attack!
She looks at you
You wonder if she’s waiting for you to pull the trigger….

via Daily Prompt: Present

The courage to look

Courage to look…

And the power I find
When I look into your eyes
The magic they contain💫
To a paradise I’ve never known🌈
I’m so high on you
I swear
I’m never coming down
I’m taking off my weights!
I don’t need them…
I don’t even need clothes!
I’m staying up here with you
There are a million reasons why…
We can’t 
But there are a billion more why…
We can
I love you❤️

Simple, beautiful…vanilla!

It’s hard not to rush

When my heart wants to gush!

I am giddy to share

To make everyone aware…

Sex with you is the absolute best!!

Yes…we get kinky

Maybe even a little pervy

Definitely naughty!!

And yes…we do everything in between too!

(mmmm…the inbetween….)

But I must admit

The best sex with you has been when we Simplify

Not a toy in sight…

Not a costume

Nor a rope

No lube

No rules

No limits

No roles

No games

No labels

No expectations

No fear

Just you, just me

Embracing in sweet love

As delicious as sweetened pure vanilla can possibly be

Head to head

Toe to toe

Closer than close

Lovers entwined

We are the bestest of friends

At home with each other

At home in each other

You’ve taken my breath Beast!

Loving me like you do

You subtracted to Simplify

And added my love to amplify

Revelations that revealed:

All past pains can be healed

I LOVE YOU!!!!❤️❤️

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

I want to let our love fly

I long to Simplify

And shed my skin

I want what’s real…

What’s inside

Not what’s outside

Life has scratched my surface

But you are the only one

That’s penetrated

Someday the world will see me as I really am

The me that you see

When I free myself, when I Simplify

When I let our love fly

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

The Wall

Slide me to the edge

And fold me down

I fall in line

I stay in line

When exactly did I become…

Uncomfortable and numb?

Plucking at the thick air

Whipping my hair

I live for the music

Until you’re near

Then I live for you

I’m dreaming today

A day-dream

About that bed

About that edge

About your mouth

My heart just let out a gasp

Impossible to Stifle

“I miss you Beast”

via Daily Prompt: Stifle