Atmospheric Indeed

Myopia has brought a dystopia
Pleasure or pain
I feel no difference
It’s all the same
Hoping for something more
Tricking myself I still have a core
My eyelids screen a sort of sex utopia
Squirting her release
I’m a wounded warrior and a sick voyeur
Can you hear me cry my love?
It’s me…not that purple dove
Hoping for something else…
Only tightens the noose around my neck
It’s very atmospheric indeed
Specs of me, traces of old-gold
Breaking my perfect mold
Floating into the ethereal
Without knees to kneel

Swan Song On Repeat

Deadly revolutions

Over and again

Again and over

A tour en le’air

Held in the shadows

Of my doubts

A Cacophony with no rhyme

Pains me without any reason

Oh how vile…my hidden odile!

Her plumes of black

Seducing my sanity

As she pirouettes into my heart

Toe drilling for my poison

Releasing our ritual of reverence

via Daily Prompt: Cacophony

Love’s Gray

Dark to light then light to dark

Swirling around

Our black, our white

Yes, my love…a cuppa tea, please

The bitter mixed with the sweet

Circling a vortex between our thighs

Slurping and sipping

Making music to our ears…we listen

Making melody to our movement…we feel

Making love to our souls…we live

Gasping for our breaths…

Grasping for each one of those little deaths

Until finally, we are blended

Shaded in by love’s gray

Daily Prompt: Interest (More)

You roused in me an interest.

A curiosity I couldn’t ignore.

You seeded deep within my mind.

A need, a need to know more.

With every post I read.

With every snippet I saw.

The puzzle unraveled in my mind.

To reveal a need to know more.

And then that day, that fateful day.

I sent a message to see.

If it was at all possible.

You had the same interest in me.

I’m glad to say you did my love.

Our interest was mutual for sure.

And so now today and everyday.

I know and love you more and more.

via Daily Prompt: Interest

Broken Bits Of Black Heart

I feel what you are trying to do for me

Opening my wounds, licking them clean

Those broken bits of your black heart…

Using them to look through me

Using them to hide inside my dark

I see you…a musician, a poet

Strumming my perceptions

Writing on my skies

Making me your musical…note…taker

My dream fantasy has become personified…in you

So, keep doing what you do…

Flame my burning desire

Flirt with my passion

Make love to my spirit

You have turned my very essence into beautiful effervescence

Soon I’ll be standing next to you

Your ghost of shadow

Your ghost of light

Duality pulling at the ends of your chains

A needful craving that lasts morning, noon, and night

I know what you’re doing to me

Seducing my broken black pieces

Molding them to yours

Do you know what I am doing to you?