Shared heritage

I wonder have our paths crossed before, did we meet in a previous life?

Were you perhaps my lover, in another time my wife?

Everything seems so right, like I truly know your soul.

That our friendship and love is not new, but very very old.

I think that our relationship is aged like wine, it has a wonderful vintage.

I’m sure that we have met before, and we we’re drawn by our shared heritage.



I smudged the Qualm with my thumb

It was trying to run afoul!

And escape down my cheek…

I was thinking about our cabin-scrum

And how we didn’t hear an owl

But we saw a deer by the creek

I remembered when we were nightime spies!

And we scanned each and every window

Like a couple of naughty pervs

I thought about all those uneaten salty fries

And that sinful-sundae full of cookie dough

And all those bagfuls of snack reserves

I recalled every kiss we shared

And how our tongues became best friends

And how our lips got so sore

Our short time together repaired

Our broken parts that no one else could fix

It’s our start, not our end…is what we pledged and swore

via Daily Prompt: Qualm


My genie is out of her bottle

And you are to blame

Beast, your bitch is in heat!

A dog eat dog world…?

It should be a beast eat beauty world!

Happiness a la Aristotle

That’s the name of our game!

And my epicurean stained skin is delicious to eat…

Collaboration my love! Our words twisted and curled…

Verses of you and me…swirled


via Daily Prompt: Collaboration


Sexual gratification is our narrative…

The width of your band

Marches in my mind

Encouraging my aesthetic

Awakening my sense of possibility

Hedonism is our Collaboration

My tongue tied at your hand

As I enjoyed this newfangled grind

I found you, and your circling hips…kinetic

You did, in fact, fuck…with amazing…agility

Love is our outcome…

It’s like we were planned

Destined to be entwined

To be each other’s anesthetic

One another’s tranquility

My sexy beast….I adore you.

Yes!…you are the best sex I have ever had. Ever. Thank you!!!

via Daily Prompt: Collaboration