Real Imaginary

Your middle area ascendant

How I long for, how I conjure

Your tiny white ghosts

In my circulating dream

Your life giving streams

All that finger licking cream…

For you, I will go to extremes

Your form, transcendent

True love, clear and pure

Experiencing the imaginary

You plus me equals we

Whether near or far

Whether deep…deep inside

My body, or my mind

My mirror you will always be

I love you☠️☠️

Flickering Leaves

Where does desire go?

I taste it on my tongue

I feel it slide down my throat

It seems to expand my heart

I’m burning up

Flames trapped

And no one can tell

No one can see

This heart of mine

Will I lose her?

Will she forget about me?

Flickering leaves

The secrets shown

The desire revealed

And no one can tell

No one can see

No one that is…

Except me,

And that tree

Your WhoreMoans

Is it true

What you said?

About eighteen

About today?

That you’d rather screw

Lining up the thread

Making a little scream

A little pervy play

Remove your veil

Let me see your blush

Multiplying hormones

I think I can try

Skin full of braille

Reading my crush

Your whore moans

I think I can try

Defying biology

And gravity

It seems impossible

And yet…

I’ve read our astrology

Received your depravity

The scenes were possible

And yes….I’ll be your pet