Bound to Deny

Bend over my sweet,
Showcase your arse.
Pull panties aside,
See the spell that you cast.
For you know,
Certain for sure.
That I’m captivated,
Desperate for more.
Riveted to the view,
As you tease me hard.
Wanting to reach,
To grope, to grasp.
Moist slim lips,
Glisten to invite.
The taboo little star,
Dark yet so bright.
Bent over before me,
Frustratingly out of touch.
I’m bound to deny,
What I want oh so much.

The Beauty I See

All hail, the beauty I see,

It’s there for the world, not just me.

You lie hidden in plain sight,

But couldn’t ever hide, try as you might.

You’re like a star, glinting in the sky,

Driving me to concoct a way to fly.

To fly to you, to stake my claim,

Like a moth to the burning flame.

But the flames not fire, it doesn’t burn,

The flames not fire, it can’t be spurned.

The flame you hold bursts from your core,

You’re the flame I desire, that I adore.


You were just being silly,

So silly I’m hard.

Watching you dance,

Watching you lips part.

I was just being needy,

As I got into the shower.

After watching you,

Stroke your pink flower.

We were just having fun,

As our thoughts made us cum.

Looking and wanting,

A want that’s never done.