Daily Prompt: Finite (Love resource)

Everything in this world has a finite resource.

That is except for my love for you of course.

That is boundless, limitless, it has no end.

My love is unhampered by boundaries, unpenned.

Believe me my beauty, you’ve no idea of the truth.

Of my love, how much I’m able to send to you.

I give you all, everything that I have.

And I will my love, til my last dying breath.

via Daily Prompt: Finite


I want for nothing in this world.

That is except for you.

I’ll always want more of my beauty.

I’ll always want more it’s true.

For I could never get enough.

Be happy with what I receive.

For I want you I need you I do.

I’ll never ever perceive.

That you would ever say no to me.

There isn’t any more.

So keep leaving me a little short.

Always wanting more of what I adore. 


Your Glaring Dick

Bit by bit I’m returning

Sick of the shame

I’m surrendering to temptation…

Insidiousness my long lost friend

The guilt condensates

For my tongue to lick

As I smell my sinful flesh burning

I’m a loser at this game

Destined for damnation

My control is pretend

I make too many mistakes…

Blinded by your Glaring dick

via Daily Prompt: Glaring

Send Me My Angel!

Send me my angel!

So I can find out what I really want

Locked and loaded

My hips are spread all the way open

My desire…is liquid fire

So…do you have any last words?


I’m taking flight….breaking out

An X marks every day

Since you went away

And I’ve been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing…going blind

Because nothing is as it really seems

Hmm…at least you are still in my dreams

Ugh! A forced rehab, for my infection

Will I still be able to see your reflection?