The courage to look

Courage to look…

And the power I find
When I look into your eyes
The magic they contain💫
To a paradise I’ve never known🌈
I’m so high on you
I swear
I’m never coming down
I’m taking off my weights!
I don’t need them…
I don’t even need clothes!
I’m staying up here with you
There are a million reasons why…
We can’t 
But there are a billion more why…
We can
I love you❤️

Flip the light

It needs to be scratched

Doesn’t it?

Your itch…

Your need to switch

If I lay next to you

Close to you

Will you let me into you?

You want to be used

My living, breathing dildo

Filling me, your impresario

Will you show me

What I need to see

Will you give all to me?

On demand

On my command

Taking me to my dreamland…

Let’s undress each other

Let’s not hide from each other

Let’s be real

The master, the servant

Doing what we do

Turning on, getting off

Flipping our light

I have one

I have one

But I’m not one

I’m not afraid

Of you

Of me

Of anyone

My needs inform my decisions!

Or is that a delusion…

Just a cruel illusion?

Back into my closet I go…

In more ways than one

I slowly pull the drawer open

And my fingers begin to divide

Lace from satin from cotton

Leaving the remainder

It’s for you that I am going to assume


I love you and you love me


I am changing out of my costume!

Only you see the real me

Sliding on nets…so we can climb up to the sky!

(Or are they to catch our fall?)

So snug on my fucked thigh

Stopping at my overworked muscles edge

And as I twist and pinch my aching nipples

Desire overwhelms

My hand slides down

And I can feel my tiny, smooth pink pillows

Tap, tap

I tingle, I twitch

Relief is near

My mistakes are countless

I mentally line them up

Knowing you’ll knock each one down

With every ram into my body

I’m here for you to pull apart

And spread out

To make a mess of me

To fuck me…

To put me back together again

via Daily Prompt: Costume

I want to be more for you Beast

I wanted more

I wanted to be more

I longed for a man such as you

I Carved my fantasies

And dropped each one on my bedroom floor

To be vacuumed up later

In between drop off and pickup…

Years and years came and went

I had all but given up…

Then we met

Gasoline poured

Sparks flew

Both of our smoke detectors began going off

And we ignited

So hot for each other

We were one another’s flame!

We made love until we burned

Until our flesh melted

Until our passion became palpable

And all we could feel…was our love❤️

Beast…I want to Carve away at our obstacles until they are gone

I love you💕

via Daily Prompt: Carve

What Fascinates

Spooning the consomme

Our sweetness to my lips

The cozy warmth of us

On my tongue, in my mouth

Our blended bodies, our consummation

You have brought me back to life and for that I am eternally grateful

My blood drips where cupid pierced me

And salty perspiration oozes from my eyes

I am an inferno of desire

A woman…on fire

Flames surround




My dearest lovely beast…

Will you walk across my hot coal/soul?

And singe your skin upon me?

Will you scar yourself on me?

You’re only curious…

Wanting to know what fascinates…me

The human condition does


via Daily Prompt: Cozy

I’m Not Different

My sex-drive…

Was in over-drive

Which is how I liked it

I know what I needed…

And I went after it

Unless it came after me first

Oooh those urges…


I probably shouldn’t have…


I broke the lock

And read every page:









My heart sank

All the way down

I could feel it under my big-toe

It was weighted with so much…woe

And was shifting me…down…down…down

Slowing my pace

I wasn’t so different

And that realization set me free

Tangled Inside Of You

Fantasies involving flesh

You and your ‘lil miss

Sharing your poems and stories

Here there is no policing of your thoughts

As they make visible tracks upon my skin

Oh…the seductive power of these possible sins!

Blogging to illustrate our history

Or predict our future?

If you’ve never been broken…

How can you know true Bliss?

Awareness of possible pain

A risk taken again and again

Writing on request

Where acceptance is the quest

And love…the ultimate conquest

Ensnared in an alphabet

Trapped inside each letter

Caught up inside of you

I’m tangled in your Bliss

via Daily Prompt: Bliss