I don’t want to keep a six feet distance,

I want to be social as it gets with you.

I want to touch your soft smooth skin,

I want to lick every inch of you too.

I want to taste your moist lil pussy,

I want to push my tongue inside.

I want to kiss your wanting lips,

Let you taste the arousal you can’t hide.

I want my hard cock to penetrate,

I want you stretched around my flesh.

I want to fuck until we both cum hard,

I want us left in a juicy mixed up mess.

I don’t want to follow that order,

I want you now no matter what.

I want to feel the burning fever,

That this Covid virus just ain’t got.


I long to taste you again my Beauty, I miss your flavours, your scent, your smooth soft skin.

Please stay in, stay safe, and wait for this fucked up thing to pass, then once it has, we’ll fuck (make love) again and again and again.


And that goes for the rest of you too! Stay in, stay safe, save lives!




You miss my cock,

I miss your cunt.

We miss our nightly fuck,

We miss our time to rut.

You miss sucking my dick,

Slurping my cum.

I miss licking your slit,

No orgasm undone.

You miss me your Daddy,

I miss you my girl.

We miss the pleasure,

We each give in return.


Torn Apart

Torn apart,

Further day by day.

Plate tectonics,

Pulling away.

Lives too,

Yours and mine.

But we manage,

To find our time.

Torn apart,

Further day by day.

Plate tectonics,

Pulling away.

But if we turn around,

We’re getting closer!

Perspective’s needed,

To make the most of.



Why aren’t you here!?

Why are you there!?

Why is our circumstance,

So fucking unfair?

Why aren’t we playing!?

Your arse cheeks splaying.

My cock driving in,

Acts of infernal sin.

Mouth wrapped genitalia,

Tongue never failing ya.

Throat wholly accepting,

Cum deep injecting.

Why aren’t you here!?

Why are you there!?

We’ve so much debauchery,

We’d wish to share.