Daily Prompt: Constant (Need)

I heard a song talk of a constant craving,

I’d never felt such a thing before.

I’d never imagined or ever considered,

That I’d want someone more and more and more.

But now I have, now I feel, what in some ways the words mean.

For you my Beauty I constantly crave, you are what I desperately need.

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I’m 47…

I’m 47

I’m in heaven✨
I found it here on earth
With you…
A pearl
For my necklace…
I’m in a tight-twirl 
Your needy babygirl
It’s you…I swirl
The time we have…
Lasting an eternity
Holding hands
Bundled up in love
Happy….truly happy…
My hips move like my lips
My lips move like my hips…
Swallowing you whole
Shaking free your soul
Making you feel it too…
Our heaven on earth 🌏
I love you Beast ❤️

Daily Prompt: Conjure (If Only)

If only I could conjure,

Magic up a way.

For us to be together,

Today and everyday.

I wish I had the formula,

That would some how create.

The way for us to unite,

Starting on this date.

I wish I could draft,

The plan that saw us as one.

Instead of suffering this distance,

That separates our love.

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Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to be seen.

Months have passed by since our last kiss,

A time I’ve learned to accept as routine.

But I’m here now,

Just yards from your tender touch.

Can’t they just let me through?

Am I really asking too much?

Immigration, torturous wait, eternity!

Waiting in line to seen.

Months have passed since our last kiss.

It’s these last seconds that kill me.


‘Will you come back and see me again?’


It felt so important

To ask you

But the moment I did

I regretted it

The words were typed

They became…Viable

But then life got in our way



Work schedules



Flashing neon reminders

Oh those sneaky sidewinders!

Venomous mood crushers, indeed

Possibilities at once became impossibilities




The pain of awareness…

Of our circumstance

Coursed through me entirely

But I am clinging to you beast

Clinging to us

To our dreams

More than you realize

More than you know

My love for you is undeniable

Even if seeing you in person more often isn’t Viable

I will still make love to you every night

Whether you are physically next to me or not

Forever is forever

I love you with all my heart


via Daily Prompt: Viable