Daily Prompt: Solitary (Prisons of our own making)

We’re all locked in cells of our own making.

Sometimes solitary, all alone.

Other times confined with others in life.

In prisons we’d oft call home.

A few of us decide, no, no more.

This unhappy sententence is unwarranted, unjust.

And with courage, conviction and a leap of faith.

Break free into the arms of those they trust.

So hear my words through prison walls.

Don’t give up on your heartfelt dreams.

For when love’s opportunities arise.

The walls might not be as high as they seem.

via Daily Prompt: Solitary

Send Me My Angel!

Send me my angel!

So I can find out what I really want

Locked and loaded

My hips are spread all the way open

My desire…is liquid fire

So…do you have any last words?


I’m taking flight….breaking out

An X marks every day

Since you went away

And I’ve been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing…going blind

Because nothing is as it really seems

Hmm…at least you are still in my dreams

Ugh! A forced rehab, for my infection

Will I still be able to see your reflection?

Sun’s news

The sun creep’s out seeking me.

Wake up it whispers beauty’s been.

She’s left a message, a note of love.

Brightening your soul more than I ever could.

I look to see what’s been left for me.

I see the sun’s right, I’m filled with glee.

Now today is worth the night’s wait.

For my love is true and she’s written to state.


I can still taste you on my lips.

Your scent still fills my nose.

Your touch remains upon my skin.

I pray all three stay, and never go.

The memory of the time we had.

Is a blessing and yet a curse.

For it leaves me wanting, needing you.

I struggle to see what’s worse.

I know we will meet again my love.

And the wait is all it’ll take.

To drag my soul out over hot coals.

And quench the thirst we must slake.

So memories will sustain me.

As I know they will you too.

And we’ll keep our eyes on autumn’s fire.

To feel each other’s love renewed.


I want this distance between us to be a distant memory.

A time in our lives we look at with a nostalgic glow.

I want to forget the days and nights of longing loneliness.

To replace them with the knowledge that somehow our love fledged to grow.

I want this distance between us to be a distant memory.

I want to be held tight in your loving arms.

I want to hold you tighter still my beauty, my love.

To live as close as we can possibly be, with hearts warm and calm.