I wish we were wrapped up,

Holding each other tight.

Fighting off the pain in our world,

Answering each other’s plight.

I wish the distance couldn’t stop us,

From showing how much love we hold.

Couldn’t insulate us from the warmth,

That we’d easily physically show.

I wish that were together now,

I wish for that a lot.

Supporting when the need is real,

To be each other’s rock.

First and Last

A bit of deja vu…

If you only knew:

That you are the novel

I read nightly

But words aren’t words

Not anymore

Their meanings

Are lost to our lore

The letters of you

Your face, your mouth

Melt into warm flames

That first kiss

That first touch

A novel only we could write

The sentences invisible

Except to us

We hold them tight

And I read it all

Each and every night

Line by line

Until everything is fine

And sleep takes me away

Closer to you, by one day

Your Nightmare

I’m your fantasy

I’m your dream

Your nightmare

Frayed at my seems

I’m your beast

I have needs


That kinky fuckery we do

I need your face

Fucked balls deep


Lust weeped

I want your love

To feel passion’s rush


Release no matter how tough

I’m ýour nightmare

The monster under your bed

Your stalker

Giving what I get


I feel stretched, spread so thin.

I need to feel you, hold you again.

My heart aches, I need you!

My body pines, calls for what you do.

It’s so fucking hard, no not my cock.

The times apart, no matter how long.

I’ll keep my chin up, look forwards again.

I’ll remember our times to allay the pain.

I feel stretched, but I’ll never break.

For the time will come when we partake.

We’ll love as one, we’ll love harder than before.

And I’ll be complete, my heart restored.