My Whole Being

I love you,
With all my heart.
As well as some other parts.
My mouth,
For instance.
Loves to kiss your lips.
My hands,
Love to grasp.
Your swaying hips.
My fingers,
Where? I’ll leave unsaid.
The other bits,
I choose to use,
Well, they get busy whilst we’re in bed.
I love you,
With all my heart.
I think you know it’s my whole being, not just any single part.

Each Little Thing

Each little thing ripples its affect,
Moving out growing bigger in every respect.
Each action taken has consequence,
What we do truly matters however circumspect.
Each time I do you wrong is a memory formed,
I’m sorry, truly sorry, I meant you no harm.
Each clouded judgement taken in haste,
Can miss it’s true mark and miss its meant place.
Each time that you cry it tears me apart,
For I love you more than all, from the bottom of my heart.

I Hope

I hope you’re horny,
As horny as can be.
I hope you’re horny,
As horny as me.
I hope you crave,
Crave those times when we fuck.
I hope you crave,
Like I crave our lust.
I hope you’ll cum,
Cum moaning my name.
I hope you’ll cum,
Cos I know I’ll do the same.
I hope you dream,
The same dream that I dream,
I hope you dream,
Of our time that is yet to be.