I woke at 4am to spend every last minute I could with you.

I watched you as you slept.

I pondered waking you, kissing you, ravishing you, but couldn’t.

I looked at your sweet smooth youthful visage, your contented beautiful youthful face. 

You looked happy, so happy!

I fell in love with you again.

As I did on everyone of the last five days. 

But this morning as I watched you, I fell deeper than I ever imagined I could. And you know the depths I have, you know the imagination I can conjure.

Beauty, this morning I fell again and I will keep falling until we find eternity, and there we will fall into one another’s hearts forever.

I have so much more than love for you…

So much more…

Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your life.



Daily Prompt: Leaf (Our Book)

I’ll take a leaf from your book.

If you take a leaf from mine.

I’ll write chapter after chapter.

If you please find the time.

To give me the inspiration.

That you have done up to now.

If you bring me the insight.

The factor known as wow!

So help me write our next page.

Aid as we present readers a hook.

That’ll have them turning each and every leaf.

Of our true love’s book.

via Daily Prompt: Leaf


If I could take your pain I would.

I wish my love I could.

To think of you hurting so.

Saddens me, pulls me low. 

I wish upon all the stars.

That you my love know no harm.

That if someone, pain must see.

That it overlooks you and comes for me.

If I could take your pain I would.

I’d bare it for you if I could.