You and I

You are the glue that bonds my parts.

You are the beat, the rhythm of my heart.

You are the light that guides my soul.

You’re the other half to my divided whole.

You are my future, my present, my past.

You are the happiness behind my laughs.

You are the tears that heal my pain.

Yours and my fears, irrational, insane.

You are forever, ìnfinity beyond.

You are the lyrics to my timeless songs.

You are my pleasure drawn from deep pain.

You and I will never ever need love, elsewhere again

Thankyou Beauty

You make my dreams come true,

Every single day. 

With every single thing you do,

You blow my mind away. 

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

From the bottom of my heart.

For everything that you do for me,

The list I could never start.

It’d be so fucking unbelievably long, 

A tome it’s the truth.

So believe me and my gratitude,

And when we kiss you’ll have your proof. 


Daily Prompt: Varnish (Work with me)

Should I coat us in varnish to preserve our lustre.

Or should I work hard with all I can muster.

To keep us shining bright as the sun.

To keep our love going on and on.

I know, I do, I know what to do.

That’s the second, the second of the two.

For work is what it will always take.

To never take for granted, never forsake.

For varnish would wear, would eventually wear thin.

And let the rot of this world seep in.

So forget a thin coat of what just won’t do.

Work with me my Beauty as your Beast works with you.

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Daily Prompt: Saintly

I’m hardly saintly, not always right.

But I’m honest, open, clear and bright.

I tell the truth, I’ll praise, rebuke.

I’ll hold my convictions, stay resolute.

That’s why my Beauty, I’m with you.

For no matter what, it’s you I choose.

You’ve captured me, my heart, my soul.

Tamed my Beast with affections as bold.

As bold as mine, as forward as can be.

A soulful reflection, perhaps unsaintly.

So forget the world view, let’s ascend where we may.

And perhaps our true love, will earn us halos one day.

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Daily Prompt: Relocate (Our Gift)

We should relocate our bodies in line with our hearts.

Pull ourselves together instead of apart.

We should bite the bullet, plan the day.

When all but our dreams should move, make way.

For our love is real, not fiction, not muse.

And maybe now is the time for us to choose.

To choose bravery over fear, over what ifs.

To choose the love we have, our special gift.

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