Our Worlds

Can you guess how I felt,

Looking at you for the first time.

Walking into a strange world,

Not knowing what I’d really find.

I couldn’t have guessed,

How damned right you’d feel.

Walking into your world,

Realising that we weren’t a dream.

I guess we found out,

That neither fear nor a dream.

Had walked into our worlds,

Had wiped our hearts clean.

And now, there’s nothing to guess,

We know our fates.

To live in our love’s world,

Which we both chose to create.

To Feel It

A cuddle speaks a bagazzillion words,

A snuggle says even more.

A hug says about the same,

You felt each one I’m sure.

A few words whispered convey our hearts.

A look tells that needed truth.

Things that just don’t type that well,

Meaning more than a text I love you.

So I can’t wait to cuddle again,

I can’t wait to snuggle too.

And I can’t wait to hug you tight,

To look into your eyes and whisper, I love you.



I wish we were wrapped up,

Holding each other tight.

Fighting off the pain in our world,

Answering each other’s plight.

I wish the distance couldn’t stop us,

From showing how much love we hold.

Couldn’t insulate us from the warmth,

That we’d easily physically show.

I wish that were together now,

I wish for that a lot.

Supporting when the need is real,

To be each other’s rock.


Yes we’re possessive, we’re jealous too.

I don’t want anyone else wanting you.

Just like you, you want me

You don’t want anyone seeing what you see.

There’s nothing wrong, in passionate want.

Just be aware there’ll be some bumps.

Some looks, some jibes, some sulky times.

You’ll have yours and I’ll have mine.

But deep deep down we both truly know.

We’ll never change, never ever let go.