Does it

Does it feel as good to you?

The knowledge that you’re desired.

The fact that someone craves your touch.

That he needs to feel your fire.

Does it fill your heart with joy?

Knowing he loves you with his whole being.

That he cannot wait for the next day and the next.

He understands what you mean.

Does it blow your mind my love?

That I know you feel it too.

That we are equal in all our needs.

That we love each other as we do.

Fly with me

Fly with me to another world, 

Take my hand my babygirl. 

Let all else slip away, 

No one could ever stop our play.

Fly with me on this pleasure trip, 

No mysteries, no devious tricks. 

Just straight up love with an edge of lust.

Two lovers lost but found in trust. 

So fly with me search the proof, 

For we both know what’s our truth,

Forever together no matter where, 

Freely floating, riding our air. 

As if

The moment that’s meant to last
A purpose to you and me
Hearts wrapped in a cast
Setting the breaks
Those longing aches…
Our smiles that refuse to fade
Air kisses, phone-blown
And we swim, we wade
In this gooey-love we both made
Spending our days, our lives
As if they will never end
As if we will never end


It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

Since I first saw you, 

Since we started to play. 

We’ve had the highest highs, 

We’ve had extreme lows.

Our very own bodies, 

Dealing out blows. 

But strength is our forte, 

Physically and in mind. 

Strength to get through, 

All obstacles we find.

Strength built with love, 

The component most pure.

The foundation of us, 

True and sure.

It’s been two years, 

Give or take a few days. 

And our love is stronger, 

In every way. 


I love you Beauty. I remember the day that you were told I’d fuck and forget.  I remember the conversation about two years and we’re done. I remember the question,  do you still want me?

Well, I’m here, you’re here and I’m deeper in love now than ever. 

I love you Beauty,  I always will, we are FOREVER 🖤🖤🖤