What To Write

I sit and ponder what to write,

Something original, something trite?

Something sexual, poems of love?

One thing I know, it’ll be about us.

I write for you, I write for me.

I write of things we’ve felt and seen.

I write our chronicle, our history.

I write of what will come into being.

As I sit I ponder, what tonight?

Who knows what? But I’m certain I’ll write.



Shall We Take Tea

Shall we take tea my dear,

Shall we sip and contemplate the world.

Shall we talk of governments, of kings, and more.

Of wars between countries, of banners unfurled.

Shall we take tea my dear,

Take time to ponder our next move.

Perhaps hatch a plan do nothing at all,

But we must take care not to stew.

Shall we take tea my dear,

As prelude to sweet sordid love.

An invigorating tonic to stir,

Rousing the mind and body to lust.

Shall we take tea my dear,

For no reason other than itself.

For no cause other than to enjoy a cup,

And savour the taste, its wealth.




Our Worlds

Can you guess how I felt,

Looking at you for the first time.

Walking into a strange world,

Not knowing what I’d really find.

I couldn’t have guessed,

How damned right you’d feel.

Walking into your world,

Realising that we weren’t a dream.

I guess we found out,

That neither fear nor a dream.

Had walked into our worlds,

Had wiped our hearts clean.

And now, there’s nothing to guess,

We know our fates.

To live in our love’s world,

Which we both chose to create.