Recoiled barbs still cut the same

Fly by night? …or flying in the night?

I sting like a butterfly!

I float….like a bee!

I’m not who you see at all

And it fills my soul with shame

You’re holding onto the string of my kite

But, you’re looking at the ground…not at the sky

I’m stuck in the wire, can you see me?

In the calm…before the squall

Priceless Fun

Written with…my sexy Beast❤️

BEAUTY: Let’s do what we feel

Let’s make it real

Use our tongues to seal…

Time spent with you is Priceless

Scrubbing our dirty minds

Playing faster and faster

Let’s go harder…

BEAST: As hard as I can

Flat out deadpan

Focused no sham

I’ll make you cum

I’ll not stop never done

Fun for sake of fun


via Daily Prompt: Priceless

You Into Me, Me Into You

A little something written with my beautiful, sexy beast…


Always wanting more

Need is a hunger pang

Words unspoken…

Bodies speaking slang

It’s you, into me

The only thing I can see

Feeling love’s rush…

Nodding off…

Falling into your high

As it peels me to my core

You cast all my parts that are broken

It’s you, into me

The only thing I can see


Always wanting
Always needing
Me into you
What I want to do
Love and lust
Equally balanced
Me into you
What I need to do
Time and tide
Will wait paused
Me into you
What I must do
Together at last
Spells finally cast
Me into you
Always us two

Loving you, making you real

You are my fantasy

That is the reality

Beast…your beauty is ethereal

And altogether venereal

For you, I have unbearable urges

That are creating super-power surges

You are words I Memorize

You are music I make

You are love I give

You are love I take

You are pleasure I derive

You are the only man I desire

If I could live in your skin…

That still wouldn’t be close enough

To your seductive wolfish grin…

Your strong, sexy scruff…

I want to make love to your entire body

Inch by inch, only using my tongue

Nothing we do with each other is naughty…

F**king like we are rabbits

We are made real by each other’s love

I want to take the breath from your lung

And replace it with the essence of me

I want to be the only woman you want to see

Our sexual attraction is off the charts

Two of a kind, two beautiful hearts

You are my fantasy

That is the reality

I love you Beast. More today, right now, then ever.

via Daily Prompt: Memorize