Adventures in Sex

The filth that flows through my mind.

Shocks even me from time to time.

The adventures in sex I wanted to have.

You’ve wanted too, for which I’m glad.

You’d been unfulfilled, as too had I.

Until our minds met, clashed online.

With an out pouring of thoughts, hopes, dreams.

We told each other, what we need.

And into reality it came vividly true.

When we travelled to do what we needed to do.

We put into action the filth in our minds.

It still shocks even me from time to time.

That the adventures in sex so good, so bad.

Are our shared dreams, that we just need to have.




Warm, soft, silky skin.

Fingers glide, taking in.

Lips full, breaths short.

Tongues intertwined, love caught.

Open, needy, eager, free.

Gliding inside, acceptance, glee.

Muffled, muted, transcendent spell.

Cocooned, absorbing, never quelled.

Building, rising, elevation, flight.

Clarity in the moment, such clear, clear, sight.

Chaos, confusion, rampant lust spawned.

Falling, crashing, into truest love borne.




Daddy’s Secret Sauce

It’s two on one

Then two on two

And the race has begun

For babygirl fun

My fingers don’t touch

Holding so much

Lips follow

And now you’re deep in my hollow

Feeling me swallow

My tongue swirls

And its wetness curls

All the way up

Then back again

Pacifying all my pain

Your lollipop🍭

Well, it just won’t stop

And neither will I

Not until I get my fill

Mouth full of yummy swill

My Daddy’s creamy goodness

His top secret sauce

He makes it just for me

And only me

I love you daddy!😘