Ravenous Beast

I ache to feel your lips again.

Long to feel you envelop my head.

I need to feel your tongue slowly swirl.

I’m desperate to share your bed.

I cannot wait to shudder and cum.

Filling you mouth with lust.

Please let the days pass quickly by.

For I feel my balls might bust.

I can still taste your delicous cunt.

Memory serves me well.

But whilst the thought drives me wild.

To wait this long’s a living hell.

I will toy with you my sweetest peach.

I’ll bite and consume you as a feast.

And know that you beauty are my addiction.

And I’m your ravenous beast.


Footwear #2

Dane stood for a moment in shock, his heart was thumping suddenly, he felt sick.
She was still there! His mind filled with questions, question after question poured into his mind. Was she alone, what did she want, why were they locked in? Dane suddenly felt fear, excitement, apprehension. What the hell was she up to? “Colleague to footwear NOW!” Came a second loud silence shattering demand through the store’s speakers. Dane jumped and found himself automatically scampering to his station in footwear as if the store manager had barked the order.

As he rounded the large Mayballene make up display and approached his area he could make out someone sat on the central footwear trial island. As he got closer he saw it was Angela alone, she was sat cross legged waving her foot ahead of her impatiently. “About bloody time!” She said testily holding up a dark stiletto healed shoe. “Size 6!” She continued like the customer from hell. “What? You want to try shoes?” Dane said incredulously. “Well why else would I call you here!?” She laughed gesturing rudely with the shoe at her shocked colleague. “Can’t we do this in the morning Angela?” Dane asked wearily with all fantasies drifting away from his mind. “Just get the damned shoes will you!?” She bit back at his apathy.

Dane stood for a second looking anywhere but at his beautiful colleague, he was trying not to let her see his disappointment. But Angie saw it and was revelling in it, his body expressed his disappointment all too clearly. Then as he turned away like a grumpy teen he took the shoe and sloped off to the stockroom. Angie grinned so widely her face was aching as her plan started to come to fruition.

Her heart was pounding and her abdomen ached from arousal, she could feel wetness on her slight silky panties as she sat, opened her legs and gently touched herself through the thin smooth material. She was hot, she was horribly horny and she was also terrified that Dane wouldn’t respond as she wanted, but she was here now pulling a fantasy she’d had for weeks into reality. She’d watched him looking at her, she knew he was crushing, she knew he was fantasizing, she’d seen the occasional ample bulge that Dane tried to hide with Brogues or pumps. She smiled slyly as a light switched on in her head, she quickly stood lifted her skirt and slipped the moist panties off. She then giggled as she tossed them onto the floor in the path that Dane would take on his return.

Dane switched on the storeroom light and looked miserably at the pile of boxes in the ladies section, he found the shoe, then pulled the size from the stack. He opened the box and looked at the scarily pointed toe and impossibly high heel. He smiled for a moment as it dawned that he’d get to slip these onto Angela’s foot. Suddenly the thought of her long silky smooth legs perked him up and he left the room with almost a spring to his step.

Angie heard the heavy storeroom door clank shut as her panties hit the floor. She quickly brushed her black pencil skirt down over her hips and sat back down to face where he’d cross her wet panties. She tried to look impatient and nonchalantly pissed. Dane walked where she’d hoped and as she’d also hoped saw the small pair of red panties. Dane slowed and looked at knickers and thought that he didn’t see those a minute or two ago. He stopped and looked at them then at Angela, he smiled and tried to see a reaction from his crush, but none came. “Well? Size 6?” Came the same abrupt voice from his beautiful colleague.

Footwear #1

Dane was horny, he wanted to fuck, but he didn’t want to just fuck, he needed to FUCK! In big capital letters!
He’d been watching Angela all day, he’d watched her smiling at customers, laughing with Julie the other assistant behind the make up counter. He’d fantasized about himself and her as he tidied the shoes on the shelves of his own department. He was besotted, he was crushing on her so badly that when she came over and nudged him he nearly pissed himself!
“I want you to stay after work, I need you.” She whispered demandingly.
“Huh?” Was all he could say before she sauntered back to her station. “Fuck!” He thought as he pondered the chance she had read his mind, then eventually shook the notion out of his head.

“NEED ME!” Dane whispered as the clock neared five thirty… and then as home time arrived he stood awkwardly in his area wondering what to do? Dave his department leader came through their area with his coat and bag and looked at Dane quizically.
“You okay bud? It’s home time.” He asked.
“Yeah I’m okay, just lost track of time, I’m coming.” He answered looking for Angela as he started toward the staff area.
“Okay, no rush, Angie can let you out, night!” Dave called as he continued to the exit.
“Oh cool, see you tomorrow.” Dane called back looking around the empty ground floor of the store. Dane couldn’t see Angela anywhere, he wondered what she wanted, he wondered if she was just fucking with his head. He’d seen her look at him before and then laugh with her co worker. He was sure it was a cruel prank in the making, so with a despondent look he sloped off to collect his coat from the staff room. He slowly pushed the ‘colleague only’ door open, but before he could open it all the way the lights went out throughout the store.

“SHIT!” He cursed out load as he turned and ran to the main entrance leaving his coat. That’s the last thing they did before locking themselves out at night. He raced through the floor, through racks of clothes, shoes and passed the make up counter where he saw the door. It was closed, no one there!
“Nooooo! SHIT!!!” He cried out as he shook the locked doors. He looked up and down and almost cried tears as he realised he couldn’t get out. He thought for a while and realised the only way was a fire exit but that would leave the store unlocked. He couldn’t do that, he didn’t have anyone’s number, he didn’t have an address. At that moment he resigned himself to a night at work because he couldn’t leave the place unlocked overnight.

Dane pushed his hands into his hair and screamed. He screamed until he felt his throat rasp painfully. “How could you be so fucking stupid?” He asked himself and the empty store floor quietly as he looked around tears welling up in his eyes. He thought Angela had done this on purpose, that’s why she’d laughed with her friend, she had planned this. He was feeling a mixture of emotions, anger, embarrassment, hopelessness. But then was jolted from his self pity by a loud voice over the store’s public address system.
“Colleague to footwear, Get your arse over here!” Came a demanding female voice that Dane recognised immediately, it was Angela’s voice.