Summer’s Gone

Summer’s gone, Autumn’s here.

The leaves will turn and fall til next year.

The winter will follow bringing its cold.

We will feel it more, as we grow old.

But spring will come to warm our heart.

Summer once again, where the cycle starts.

This year a blur, so much, yet nothing done.

So slow, yet so fast, this orbit of our sun.

Summer’s gone, Autumn’s here.

Losing precious time, our biggest fear.

I Miss

I miss my palms, resting on your thighs.

I miss your glistening pussy, before my eyes.

I miss your fragrance, your sublime feminine scent.

I miss pleasuring you, my fetish, my bent.

I miss your taste, as your flavours flow.

I miss that twist, as you writhe and grow.

I miss you cumming, upon my eager mouth.

I miss giving you that thrill, as it’s mine, no doubt.

Four Years

It’s been four years since I met you.

Since I fell in love, a love that’s true.

It’s been four years of heaven and hell.

For we’re held apart more than together to dwell.

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

This thing that’s forced upon us makes me wonder.

Would I crave you this much if we were together?

Of course I would, and I will forever.

It’s been four years since I met you.

Four years on balance I’ve loved it’s true.

And I’ll do the same apart if required.

Cos I know we’ve the fuel to keep our passions fired.

Happy Anniversary Babygirl ❤❤❤

I love you ❤❤❤

Forever ☠☠