Daily Prompt: Varnish (Work with me)

Should I coat us in varnish to preserve our lustre.

Or should I work hard with all I can muster.

To keep us shining bright as the sun.

To keep our love going on and on.

I know, I do, I know what to do.

That’s the second, the second of the two.

For work is what it will always take.

To never take for granted, never forsake.

For varnish would wear, would eventually wear thin.

And let the rot of this world seep in.

So forget a thin coat of what just won’t do.

Work with me my Beauty as your Beast works with you.

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Daily Prompt: Relocate (Our Gift)

We should relocate our bodies in line with our hearts.

Pull ourselves together instead of apart.

We should bite the bullet, plan the day.

When all but our dreams should move, make way.

For our love is real, not fiction, not muse.

And maybe now is the time for us to choose.

To choose bravery over fear, over what ifs.

To choose the love we have, our special gift.

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Last Night

As I led in bed last night,

I’m not afraid to say.

I wrapped my hand around my cock,

And stroked as I watched you play.

My sweet lil miss such a naughty girl,

Plug pushed deep into your arse.

Our dildo fucking as I would,

Vibrator on full blast.

Your legs shook in spasm,

Mine did the same too.

You came calling Daddy,

No more resolve I blew.

Cum spurting sweet release,

O’er belly and running down hand.

I led in amazement as you came again.

So glad that I’m your man.

For Beauty I shall never ever tire,

Of the sights that I behold.

And I cannot wait my love,

To feel them as you and I take hold.

Then no phones, or videos,

We’ll be there on the same bed.

Where we’ll be all we want to be,

Physically not just in our heads.

My Land Of Freedom

Your stars and stripes drew me in.

To come to America the land of sin.

Cities paved with opportunities gold.

Doors open to swallow all whole.

But I’m not interested in the banner up high.

I’m after the one atop of your thighs.

The starred and striped panties hugging arse tight.

Oh say can you see what I see tonight!

Daily Prompt: Magnetic (Poles apart)

Though poles apart,

We are like twins.

Globally separate,

Yet drawn all the way in.

Distance is nothing,

When magnetic love,

Pulls us together,

With much more than just lust.

So let the poles switch,

Let them attract.

And join me my love,

In lust’s ultimate act.

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Send Me My Angel!

Send me my angel!

So I can find out what I really want

Locked and loaded

My hips are spread all the way open

My desire…is liquid fire

So…do you have any last words?


I’m taking flight….breaking out

An X marks every day

Since you went away

And I’ve been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing…going blind

Because nothing is as it really seems

Hmm…at least you are still in my dreams

Ugh! A forced rehab, for my infection

Will I still be able to see your reflection?