Daily Prompt: Magnetic (Poles apart)

Though poles apart,

We are like twins.

Globally separate,

Yet drawn all the way in.

Distance is nothing,

When magnetic love,

Pulls us together,

With much more than just lust.

So let the poles switch,

Let them attract.

And join me my love,

In lust’s ultimate act.

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Send Me My Angel!

Send me my angel!

So I can find out what I really want

Locked and loaded

My hips are spread all the way open

My desire…is liquid fire

So…do you have any last words?


I’m taking flight….breaking out

An X marks every day

Since you went away

And I’ve been rubbing, rubbing, rubbing…going blind

Because nothing is as it really seems

Hmm…at least you are still in my dreams

Ugh! A forced rehab, for my infection

Will I still be able to see your reflection?

Gamboling Hearts

Four legs Amble

On sidewalks out west

As our hearts gambol

Trapped in our chests

These are memories that now slide onto my tongue

Down my throat…

As my 10 fingers tap

This keyboard in my lap

Your captivating aura still comforts me as it surrounds

And in my ears…your beautiful love still sounds

Hours have turned to days

Days to weeks

Weeks to months

If I could have, I would have

Convinced you there were ways…

I miss you more than you believe

More than you could ever conceive

via Daily Prompt: Amble

Sun’s news

The sun creep’s out seeking me.

Wake up it whispers beauty’s been.

She’s left a message, a note of love.

Brightening your soul more than I ever could.

I look to see what’s been left for me.

I see the sun’s right, I’m filled with glee.

Now today is worth the night’s wait.

For my love is true and she’s written to state.