Perfect for your babygirl!!!

You’ve kept in disguise

Hidden behind your flys

Such a sweet, delicious treat

A different sort of meat…

Perfect for your babygirl! 

For her fingers to wrap and curl

For her tongue to lick and swirl

For her pussy to coat in honeyed pearl…

An all-day hard candy Lollipop!!!

Oh….how I wish to absorb it like a mop…

Suck on it so thorough, make it go…’pop’

I want it and you daddy…full stop.

via Daily Prompt: Lollipop

You’re my Jailer

I’ll make your fly, the perfect fit

Lithe and tight…

Feel my sharp needle make the stitch

Look into its eye…


I smoothed out our pattern

Measured once, cut twice

Needing stronger threads to bind

Now I’m holding the tape of the Tailor


Wear me beast, a skin to skin outfit

All that makeup we do, fighting to fuck, fucking to fight…

Passion isn’t fashion without our desperation and itch

Those needs, we both have that make you scratch at my thigh…


Distance is what is making our bodies burn

Orange and purple flames, smoldering lust and spice

Engulfed in our hot love we are both blind

Reaching, grasping, holding…we are one another’s jailer

via Daily Prompt: Tailor

A Worm To Fill My Hole

I wish I could fuck like you

The thought innervates

And I’ll never be the same


Stuck in the middle gear

Imprisoned arousal without parole

I am unable to unleash


I wish I were like you

The thought bifurcates

And I’ll never be the same


Tangled thoughts Jangle in my ear:

Where’s my worm? I need you to fill my hole…

Without you I’m just broken vinyl turning out pastiche…

via Daily Prompt: Jangle

Worth The Fight

Without warning
A faultless shakedown
You’ve taken it all…
Stolen from my chest
The breath in my lungs

You break me open every morning
Memories that haunt my ghost town
That hole in the earth where I fall…
A floating feather dropped from your nest
I slip off jacob’s rungs

Breathing in lucifer’s intoxicating heat
Slowing my heart’s beat…
Purgatory of the wrong and the right
Our love will always be worth the fight

Hidden Seeking

I’ve waited my whole life for you to find me

This ten count has been on a never-ending circle

But, I’ve been hidden for long enough…

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

Time to turn your heart inside out

And join me here…outside in

Where the diamonds crawl to us from our sky

And their wet sparkle is all we’ll ever see…

We’ll be hotter than the noon sun

Our blood will boil and our lust will curdle

We will blaze as we make love, locked as one

Two souls, to each other forever heart-cuffed

Eye to eye, skin to skin…always devout

Gathered and held with the safest…safety pin

Our love will only ever intensify


I love you Beast.

Come find me.

I will save your life.



Shared need

Lick up along my shaft.

Envelop me and tease the glans.

Use your tongue, make me twitch.

Oh fuck yes that scratches the itch.

Plunge down time and again.

Draw what’s to cum, please yes please drain.

Faster, concentrated, working til I cum.

Blown into your throat wonderment stunned.

A smile shared, giggles as kiss shares seed.

I taste myself, satisfied we both got what we need.


Oh no

You are the inspiration for temptation,

The flagrant source of fantasy degradation,

A sexual feast of celebration,

The body I need to be embracing.

You have a mind full and unique,

You come with a veil of mystique,

When you wiggle turn a cheek,

You leave me, my knees weak.

Bring me your bulging beating heart,

Let me feast there for a start,

Before I tear the rest apart,

And give you passion, that I impart.

I will endeavour to bestow,

Carnal knowledge from below,

Whilst wrapping it in love you know,

Neither will want to ever let go.

Oh no, oh no….