I’ll take ice cream vanilla

My chips lightly salted

Nothing as exotic as you

My palate I’ll cleanse

No fruit cocktail blend

For I want only your taste it’s true

I’d starve for days

If need be I’d waste 

For the divinity that I would find

As my tongue works a trick

Into my goddess it slips

To savour what lies between your thighs

Offer me your sex

The flavour liked best

Feed me for I have the need

To feast like your beast


For… for you my Beauty I greed



I am your fucking parasite

Upon your heart I’ll feed

I’ll suckle upon your emotions 

Without them I’ll decease

I need you to give me

Your love, your blood. your heart 

I need you my Beauty

Without you I’d depart 

I am your fucking parasite

A leech which you feed

But I know as you do

It’s me as well you need