A Living Hell

I’m horny,

Yeah, that’s nothing new.

I suppose,

You already knew?

I want,

Oh God how I want!


Your shaved lil cunt.

I crave,

To lick it, to suck.

I ache,

To slip in, to fuck.

I’m horny,

Could you really tell?

This seperation,

A living fucking hell.




Rainbow Dream

Sexy ruby red satin and lace,

Holding my longing gaze.

Mischievous piercing sapphire eyes,

Looking to get an ardent rise.

Soft warm pink flesh beneath,

Raising my pulse making it beat.

Pitch black lust invades my brain,

Driving my need, half insane.

The colours that clash within my being,

Brought forth by you my rainbow dream.

Almost mythical this beauty of yours,

My very own horny unicorn.