Daily Prompt: Gremlins

There are always fucking Gremlins!

Spanners in the works.

Like being married and abroad.

Facts that always hurt!

There are always fucking Gremlins!

They’ll never ever cease.

To try to stop our push for happiness.

To bar and ultimately police.

There are always fucking Gremlins!

But I know we’ll flush em out.

We’ll burn the little fuckers dead.

And live the life we want I’ve no doubt.

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Daily Prompt: Mercy (Mercy, mercy me)

Mercy, mercy me!

Can’t you fucking see?

What you my love of loves,

Are doing to your Daddy. 

Don’t you realise?

It’s all there in your eyes.

As you tease me as you stroke,

With wide open thighs.

Mercy, mercy me!

I find it hard to believe.

That you my babygirl.

Don’t know, can’t ever see.

I know you realise.

You can see it in my eyes.

As I kneel to take a taste.

Between your wanting thighs.

Mercy, mercy me!

I’m gonna set you free.

My tongue and hand will work.

I’ll hear my Beauty squeal.

And there I’ll realise.

I’ll feel it in those thighs.

As you shudder, buck and cum.

And we feel the high of highs.

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Our Nest

You’ve given me stability

In my unstable world

A body to climb on

A place to anchor myself

To keep me from the chaos around, the mortality

Of a life once straight, then all of a sudden…curled

I’ve plucked all my feathers…

And made us a smooth Nest

A place for our souls to rest

A home for just us two

Sliding, locking ourselves inside

The realness of our truth won’t let us hide

Loosening the rusted chains

We sip our inspiration

And as our flesh opens and rains

Our arms extend to fortify the walls

Feeling our pleasure-dome’s perimeter

Inside our private speakeasy…

We speak..easy

Just you

Just me

And one cuppa tea…

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Daily Prompt: Sludge

This sludge that I trudge through, this life that I live.

Only relieved, by the help that you give.

You cleanse torments muck, wash my soul.

You accept me and my baggage, the package as a whole.

For this I thankyou, my gratitude will never cease.

For times you’ve stopped me sinking, in you I’ve belief.

This sludge that I trudge through, whilst hard I’ll admit.

Has an end in sight, in view, an end and you’re it.


Thankyou Beauty… nuff said! ❤☠☠❤

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Two types of love

I believe there are two types of love.

One like ours, beautiful based upon trust.

Another that’s blind without a care.

That can land just about anywhere.

I’ve felt both, I confess that I have.

But I converted to the first, to say I’m glad.

Because ours is something I’d never found.

Never in my life had it been so sound.

Yeah right! I hear you scorn.

But I promise you Beauty, I feel reborn.

There are two types of love I know.

But ours is the truth and I’m never letting it go.


I miss you

I miss you

Miss your touch

I like your mouth

Very much

The teasing licks

That tease me so

Oh if only

I didn’t have to go

I miss you

You’re tender kiss

Tongue that dances

Soft sweet lips

The warmth

You hold inside

Wrapped around my waist

Your long lean thighs

I miss you

Your wit, your fun

Your smiling eyes

Your sexy bum

But no matter how long

We’re apart

Memories stay

Deep in my heart

I’ll miss you

Deeply, deeper still

Til we’re together again

Til we’re refulfilled 

Then the longing


Together again

Our needs we’ll sate


Forever the same

If I hurt you it was unintentionally so.

I hold your heart and will never let it go. 

For you my love are the love of my life. 

The past is passed, you are my new wife. 

My soulmate, my partner in lust filled crime. 

The Goddess that I’ll worship til the end of time. 

So please understand I mean you no pain. 

Please stay as my forever and I’ll be yours the same.