I’ll take ice cream vanilla

My chips lightly salted

Nothing as exotic as you

My palate I’ll cleanse

No fruit cocktail blend

For I want only your taste it’s true

I’d starve for days

If need be I’d waste 

For the divinity that I would find

As my tongue works a trick

Into my goddess it slips

To savour what lies between your thighs

Offer me your sex

The flavour liked best

Feed me for I have the need

To feast like your beast


For… for you my Beauty I greed


Please you

Some days I pinch myself.

That a beauty like you could love me.

Some days I wonder how.

How that you ever found me.

Other days I thank the God.

The God that must have made you.

On those days I gaze in awe

At the beauty that that God gave you.

So understand my shock my love.

The shock that I’d ever keep you.

And understand that I’ll do all that I can.

To make sure I always please you.