I Know My Words Bruised

The words bruised

Squeezing their interrogation

And their love suffocated

Fixated and fused…

This needless ablation

That they both hated

Their pain was Edible

As they feasted to the bone

Gnashing, snarling, gnawing

Until another bite became unbearable

And they both began to writhe and moan

Each fearing the other was withdrawing

Tears traced the horrible possibilities

Of one without the other

Of their forever becoming their never

Until their hearts had enough and slammed together

Exposing their fallibilities

Revealing their forgotten bond to one another

That nothing and no one could ever sever:

They were life partners that shared the same cardiac tether

One simply could not live without the other

via Daily Prompt: Edible

Hidden Seeking

I’ve waited my whole life for you to find me

This ten count has been on a never-ending circle

But, I’ve been hidden for long enough…

Olly Olly Oxen Free!

Time to turn your heart inside out

And join me here…outside in

Where the diamonds crawl to us from our sky

And their wet sparkle is all we’ll ever see…

We’ll be hotter than the noon sun

Our blood will boil and our lust will curdle

We will blaze as we make love, locked as one

Two souls, to each other forever heart-cuffed

Eye to eye, skin to skin…always devout

Gathered and held with the safest…safety pin

Our love will only ever intensify


I love you Beast.

Come find me.

I will save your life.



All Along

I know what to do…

Gravity will get me to you!

I’ve been balancing…

Making plans, then cancelling

Years spent in my self-imposed woe

But now it’s time to let that all go

And jump off my part of the earth…

Into yours…a rebirth

Fully loaded for bear

Blinding all those who stare

I’m the girl who will take love’s dare

Following my heart to your turf

Head-banging as I cloud-surf

Until I am finally where I belong

It’s been YOU all along


I love you with all my heart Beast. I will balance and wait an eternity for you, if that is how long it takes. Whatever it takes, is what I will do❤️


Fantasies slide past my realities

Laughing as they get tickled in my throat

All those things I am too afraid to say

Keep getting swallowed away


I stick a finger in my mouth

Depressed it prays for a purge

As it unties my tongues trench coat

Exposing its twisted lies, the truth feels so…remote


My imaginary bags are packed

To you…I am ready to move

A fated Passenger enroute

To you…my ultimate pursuit


If only it were that easy

I could follow my heart…to you

I want a do-over! I want to make things right!

I want to be able to give absolutely everything…to you

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

A Chance And A Choice

Cover my eyes daddy

Let’s play peek-a-boo

I don’t see you, but then I do

I see all of you, deep inside of you:

We are a chance, and a choice

Plug my ears daddy

When your tongue tastes my tears

So many fall, two by two for all of the years

And as your heart listens to me, it hears:

We are a chance, and a choice

Kiss my lips daddy

I need to feel we are real

Making love with our mouth-to-mouth seal

Saliva washing away all our past hurts, so we can heal:

We are a chance, and a choice

Fit yourself inside daddy

Make us one instead of two

A new anatomy of me and you

Bonded strong, forever loving dejavu:

We are a chance, and a choice

I love you daddy. The way you treat me, your support, the kindness you always show me…the love you have for me, and those around you. It speaks Volumes about the man you are. You are quite simply put, magnificent. I thank my lucky stars every single day that you found me. You are my forever. We’ve spent half of our lives apart. We will spend the last half making up for it all. I adore you. You have brought absolute joy into my life. Forever, ybg

via Daily Prompt: Volume

My fingers are hurting

From the moment I wake

Until the moment I fall asleep

And every single second in between

I think about you

You are all I see

All I breathe

All I eat

All I speak

All I read

All I…know

You have consumed me body, mind, and soul

I cannot live without you

I may as well die if you take back your love

Life will have no meaning for me

The loss of you would be too much to bear

My fingers are hurting and have turned white

I am gripping so tight, clinging

To the hope we will be together again soon