The courage to look

Courage to look…

And the power I find
When I look into your eyes
The magic they contain💫
To a paradise I’ve never known🌈
I’m so high on you
I swear
I’m never coming down
I’m taking off my weights!
I don’t need them…
I don’t even need clothes!
I’m staying up here with you
There are a million reasons why…
We can’t 
But there are a billion more why…
We can
I love you❤️

A red-head gave me an instead

Little school girl crushes

Emotions, rushes

Circling the room

Special deliveries

Simple, yet meaningful

Hearts given, received

The sweet innocence…

The sense of possibility!

Childhood dreams

Became adult realities

Was it cupid?

Did the arrow come close…

Close enough that I thought it was my heart?

An annual ritual

Trite cards, stuffed animals

Flowers that died

The wonder ceased

I became Suspicious

Until out of the blue

A red-head gave me an instead

And for the first time

I saw the beautiful violets, smelled the fragrant roses

I became and still am wholly and completely IN LOVE!!!

I love you my sweet, beautiful Beast!

Happy Valentine’s Day❤️

via Daily Prompt: Suspicious

Simple, beautiful…vanilla!

It’s hard not to rush

When my heart wants to gush!

I am giddy to share

To make everyone aware…

Sex with you is the absolute best!!

Yes…we get kinky

Maybe even a little pervy

Definitely naughty!!

And yes…we do everything in between too!

(mmmm…the inbetween….)

But I must admit

The best sex with you has been when we Simplify

Not a toy in sight…

Not a costume

Nor a rope

No lube

No rules

No limits

No roles

No games

No labels

No expectations

No fear

Just you, just me

Embracing in sweet love

As delicious as sweetened pure vanilla can possibly be

Head to head

Toe to toe

Closer than close

Lovers entwined

We are the bestest of friends

At home with each other

At home in each other

You’ve taken my breath Beast!

Loving me like you do

You subtracted to Simplify

And added my love to amplify

Revelations that revealed:

All past pains can be healed

I LOVE YOU!!!!❤️❤️

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

Indisputable Love

The bow sways

Our journey met with motion

From the bay not the ocean

I stop to sit

And gather

All my questions

That have no answers…

I could throw them away

These questions…

Right now

In a flash!

The hot kind…

My melting flesh,

My wet dreams

Could take them out to sea…

Oh…but how I love you!

My beautiful man

My sweet Beast

How I love us!

This love Inscrutable

Holding me, holding us

Our passion irrefutable

It’s that

Moment when you enter me

That I enter you


Suddenly…in a hot….flash!

It all makes sense

And I can see clearly

The answers

To all those questions

via Daily Prompt: Inscrutable

I want to be more for you Beast

I wanted more

I wanted to be more

I longed for a man such as you

I Carved my fantasies

And dropped each one on my bedroom floor

To be vacuumed up later

In between drop off and pickup…

Years and years came and went

I had all but given up…

Then we met

Gasoline poured

Sparks flew

Both of our smoke detectors began going off

And we ignited

So hot for each other

We were one another’s flame!

We made love until we burned

Until our flesh melted

Until our passion became palpable

And all we could feel…was our love❤️

Beast…I want to Carve away at our obstacles until they are gone

I love you💕

via Daily Prompt: Carve

Letter to my Love

To My Beloved,

We started this blog to share ourselves. To express ourselves. And what a Brilliant platform WordPress has given us! Your poems and poetry are, quite simply put, magnificent. Your mind never ceases to amaze me. The love that you have for me never ceases to amaze me either! The way you craft each and every poem is truly Brilliant. (not to mention the way you craft your short stories…and well…even just your emails to me! Each word you write to and for me is gold!) You…my sweet delicious man…are the poet between the two of us. I just sorta try and keep up…but your writing slays! SLAYS!

I thank my lucky stars that we met, that we’ve fallen so deeply for one another. I also thank WordPress because we met here. As amazing as it sounds to anyone I tell…I met the love of my existence on a blog! Lol…it’s true!! The chances of us finding one another were in the millions, if not trillions. When I think about the odds…it is simply staggering.

You feed my soul. Nurture my life. I cannot imagine living without you. I can’t live without you. You are my other half. My mirror, indeed. Beauty does sometimes mirror beastly things in life. There is a beauty and a beast inside both of us and I love exploring them with you. 😉

You are the hottest piece of male ass on this planet. And although we live so very far apart, and have so many obstacles between us….

Somehow we have connected in a profound way. A Brilliant way. We belong to each other, and always will. No matter what.

I wish everyone in the world could experience the love, trust, and friendship that we share between us.

I am forever yours.


via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

‘Will you come back and see me again?’


It felt so important

To ask you

But the moment I did

I regretted it

The words were typed

They became…Viable

But then life got in our way



Work schedules



Flashing neon reminders

Oh those sneaky sidewinders!

Venomous mood crushers, indeed

Possibilities at once became impossibilities




The pain of awareness…

Of our circumstance

Coursed through me entirely

But I am clinging to you beast

Clinging to us

To our dreams

More than you realize

More than you know

My love for you is undeniable

Even if seeing you in person more often isn’t Viable

I will still make love to you every night

Whether you are physically next to me or not

Forever is forever

I love you with all my heart


via Daily Prompt: Viable