You aren’t ‘just’ anything

Frothy fantasies

A private peep-show in my head

Replaying everything you once said…

About how you brought me back from the dead

So hypnotic, so erotic

You became my narcotic

It feels good to go down…

On you

An appetite for destruction

I welcomed you into my jungle

It’s so easy, to think about you…

Our emotions could fill the oceans

High then low tides

Oh…those dirty, filthy slides

Pictures inside of pictures inside of pictures

I have read every word of your scriptures

My love,

I have a fetish for life

Not strife

No one knows what the future will bring

You never were ‘just’ a fling

via Daily Prompt: Tide

Always you, forever you

Mossy rocks, jagged

A face in that space

I should know

A picture of you


It was always me, in the second scene

Love was a gift given

An exchange of two souls driven

Throwing ourselves, giving in

Erotic like crack

Our wheels slipped off the track

I should know

A picture of you


Pulling at my skin

Always you, forever you

White in my black box

How do you like it lover…

Becoming one another’s scar

How do you like it so far?

Turn off your lights

And close your eyes with me


Heart fucking heart

Our limbs

Torn apart

Split at the split

Pleasure filled, and thrilled

At one another…we are most definitely skilled

There should have been a warning!

But you just sat there stiff

White in my black box

Smelling me, but just a whiff

The ambiguity of our sex

Well, I cannot think of anything more sinful

To you, my love, I will always feel the pull


Your body…is my inspiration board


via Daily Prompt: Warning

Leap into Love

My whisper is a love-song with a strip-tease

Private thoughts deserving of their privacy

Soft satin somehow frayed, but without any wear

Lean into me, lean onto me my love…

Your spinning, leaping ballerinas

Five on each hand

My flesh is where I want them to land!

Doing their life’s passionate thing

I used to whisper, but oh how I now sing!

You my love…

You are the leotard I can see myself wearing

Over and over….

Your Faceless Head

Berries so rarely blue

Sweetness on tap

Your Faceless head

Makes no sound

But your head with a face makes a tell-tale moan

Shifting the tear ‘a firm-ahhhhh…

We’ll fill the empty skies

With our hollow sighs

Creating a solid for us

Marching towards one another

Our shapes will shift

But our dream will never smother

I’ll monitor yours

If you monitor mine

Detecting those electrical impulses

Recording our activity

Measuring our pace…

The one we love-to-make

Protecting against attacks

We’ll perform our surgical sex

As we transplant our love

via Daily Prompt: Faceless

Daily Prompt: Identical (Twinned)

It seems like we’re twins,

Identical from birth.

We know what we want,

How each other’s mind works.

We identify our likes,

What pleasures we seek.

It comes so naturally,

It’s by no means a feat.   

They say that twins,

Identical from the womb.

Can feel each other’s presence,

When entering a room.

I feel that with you,

The electricity in the air.

My Beauty if feel you,

Even when you’re not there.

I know we aren’t siblings,

Of this I’m so pleased.

Cos we’re more, we’re soulmates,

We were destined to be.

via Daily Prompt: Identical

Love that sweats and soaks

Folded but not blind

As open to you as I can be

Spread-open on top of the bedspread

For you to go all the way deep

Then deeper still

Oh god please!…work me with that power-drill!

Give us both a satisfying thrill

Love that sweats

Love that soaks

Sex with you Beast

Most certainly Provokes

I love you 💘

via Daily Prompt: Provoke