Wanting something

More attention, more inspiration 

I used to scribe

I used to play

But now there are…

Monsters inside

Eating the heads off 

Each word I would write

Licking lips with great delight

My words don’t come

My body doesn’t either 

Has beauty become a beast?

A has been, a devoured feast?

Secret relationship energy

Like rays of sun

Promising sex, promising fun

Your girl without ties

Your girl spreading her thighs

Anonymous masturbation

That high, that spurting elation

Sometimes I write of despair, of pain

Of childhood dreams

And a pussy that creams

My passion, well you know it screams 

You feel it when we fuck

My mouth, and in every suck

The way my hands grab

The way my teeth bite

If my words don’t come

I know my body soon will

No…I don’t write much

But I do need your touch

Your attention

Your inspiration 

It is something

You are my something 

My everything


Sting me, bite me

The wasp song

Buzzing into my ears

Making tiny holes

Stinging me, filling me

Paralyzing the edges of my poisoned heart

A deep breath that can’t ever suffice

Overcome, I weep

Feeling our memories

Smelling them too

My sugar, your spice

Loving you, always you

My body becomes the gong

That you…bang so well 😈

Ooh that song, that lovely song

I do miss you, oh god I miss you

I can’t scream, and I can’t speak

Tell me

How will I ever be free from you?

I love you Beast ❤️


Where we met

I opened the door to the room

And entered

A place

Where lips licked up words

As if they were melting candy

And sex happened in the mind

Not in the flesh

Where passion turned into perfume

And even though no one could smell

We all knew who was wearing it

Those delicate masks

Where we could hide

But still take a peek

A world where personal became private

And I was free

To be me

I love you Beast🖤

I love our world🖤

I Run

All the world wants to feel that need.

That pleasure that blossoms from a seed.

The rush that courses from your heart.

When love is renewed, fired to start.

All the world needs that place.

To which they run, their safe space.

Where they know no harm can ever come.

There they are themselves, the special one.

I’m lucky I have both, I have them in you.

Whom I love complete, I love true.

And in your heart I’ve found my place.

In your love I feel safe.

I’m lucky I know, unique perhaps.

For not all get to have that fleeting chance.

To find their soulmate, like I’ve done.

To find that place to which I run.