You Just You

You just you, nothing else.

Pictures that make more than my heart melt.

Pictures that make my hard cock ooze.

Pictures of you my sweet sexy muse.

You just you, nude as born.

Sexy as hell, but much more warm.

Pictures that show me all that I miss.

Pictures that you thankfully gift.

You just you, the Goddess I praise.

That you chose me, I’m still amazed.

Pictures we’ll make, you and I.

Held in our minds til the end of time.


One touch that set us alight.

One touch we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.

One kiss that revealed our obvious truth.

One moment that told you loved me as I love you.

One occurrence would never be enough.

One meeting that made our lives so fucking tough.

One more we decided and one more again.

One touch that ignited our wildfire love flames.

Call my name

When you want me, call my name.

I’ll come to give you all you claim. 

I’ll offer up all I have to give.

For it’s for you that I exist.

I’m your slave, heart and soul.

I’m yours to use for whatever goal.

I pledge my body, my filthy mind.

Are yours to use til the end of time.

When you want me, call my name.

And I will be there for you in every way.

All consuming greed

I’m not into that generic kind of love.

I want the everything, the never enough.

All consuming, sometimes draining, hard.

I want a love you cannot simply discard.

To some it smothers they simply can’t cope.

They, they’ve gone, they left me without hope.

But you my Beauty, you understood.

You like me, you need what feels good.

We came together with a mutual need.

A lust for love, an all consuming greed.

Matched Perfectly

What do you see when you look at me?

A god to which you’d drop to knee.

A daddy that you’d play up naughtily.

Is that what you see when you see me?

When I look at you I know I see.

The most extraordinary goddess of Beauty.

My babygirl that’s oh so pretty.

When I look at you that’s what I see.

Are we matched right, perfectly?

A god and goddess for perpetuity.

A babygirl and her daddy to forever be.

A pair matched just right, perfectly.