3 Years Ago Today

3 years ago today,

You brought colour banishing grey.

Millions of wonderful varied hues,

Poured into my life my heart from you.

Thankyou for pulling me out of the black,

Thankyou for bringing my confidence back.

Thankyou for all you give and do,

Thankyou for letting me fall in love with you.

Three years ago today,

You came into my life, we wanted to play.

But quickly we realised it wasn’t a game,

And our Love at first sight grew to stay.

I’m In Love With You

I’m in love with you.

I have a tingle in my heart.

I have tingles in other places too,

And that is just the start.

I’m in love with you.

My heart swells within my chest.

It beats hard and fast,

Giving that feeling that’s the best.

I’m in love with you.

You’re with me wherever I go.

For those tingles and those swellings,

You make you have to know.

I’m in love with you.

And will forever be.

For I’ve never ever known love,

Like the love you make me feel.

I Long

I long for what we do,

I long for your touch, for you!

I long for the kiss and what comes next.

I long for our unbridled freedom in sex.

I long to see where passion guides our souls,

I long for the feeling as lust takes us whole.

I long to lose myself, with you in sin,

I long for all the above listed herein.

I long for us, our forever to be.

I long for you, here with me.