The Wish I know

How I wish I were coming home to you.

How I wish it was your greeting smile.

How I wish I could tell you about my day.

How I wish to snuggle a while.

I know one day that’s how it’ll be.

I know one day you’ll be waiting for me.

I know it’s with you that I’ll let of steam.

I know in my heart, it’s more than a dream.

Into The Night

As I kiss you,

I feel your warmth.

Lip upon lip,

Tongues sought.

My hands pull you closer,

As close as can be.

My heart beating out,

My mind finally free.

As I hold you,

I pledge to never let go.

Promise me you are mine,

Show so I know.

Make love to me,

Like never before.

Make me feel like you,

Passionately adored.

Glow with me,

Content in our light.

And fall deeper with me,

Arm in arm into the night.

I live for you

I live for those times,

Those times with you.

I thrive after my trips,

And what we do.

You are my heart,

My rhythm, my beat.

You keep me sane,

Make me complete.

The longer I’m away,

I feel frayed.

The longer we’re apart,

Sanity’s strained.

Because I live for you,

And our times as one.

You make me whole,

When I could easily come undone.

Tickety Tock

Tickety tock,

Goes time on the clock,

Wasting what we haven’t got.

Not our friend,

Taking what we’d spend,

Clicking down to all our ends.

Fuck you time!

We’re doing just fine,

No matter how fast I’ll get mine.

Can’t stop us,

No way, I’ll tell you cuz,

We are forever, forever in love!