Daily Prompt: Awkward (At no point)

At no point have I ever felt awkward,

Felt unease about or with you.

Loving, kissing, talking, touching,

It all feels right, it feels true!

Destiny is a notion,

I’ve thought about in the past.

Destiny at last feels so real,

Since a world with you has been cast.

I never once hesitated,

I know we’re open and free.

For with you my gorgeous beauty,

I’m free to be who you love, I’m free to be me.

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It’s Love

I see the catch lights shine in your eyes,

I hear the voice in my head ask “why?”

I shake my cranium and answer “I don’t know.”

And when I see your Beauty I don’t want to let go.

How is it that we ever came to be?

How in all grace did we become a we?

Was it luck? The kind we wish for.

Was it design? A plan laid out before.

I shake my cranium and answer “I don’t know why.”

As I shed a tear I crumble and cry.

For I love you and never want to let go,

I desperately want to stay and grow.

And as I see the catch lights shine in your eyes,

I answer my question “it’s love you idiot, its love, that’s why.”


Always you, forever you

Mossy rocks, jagged

A face in that space

I should know

A picture of you


It was always me, in the second scene

Love was a gift given

An exchange of two souls driven

Throwing ourselves, giving in

Erotic like crack

Our wheels slipped off the track

I should know

A picture of you


Pulling at my skin

Always you, forever you

Your C**k IS Perfect!!! So there!!!!

I have observed your virility

I have experienced it too

Sorry Beast…so sorry…


You have a majestic fucking COCK!!!

I will scream it from every mountain top I can climb!

It’s Purrrrrrrrrfect!!


Your big cock takes care of me

In more ways than one

For hours at a time! HOURS!


(this is amazing….and Guiness should have a world record dedicated to this feat….’Longest lasting erection’)

I want it for hours

As you are well aware

I have certain, shall we say…needs…

I want it for hours

In every orifice of my body

I want you forever!

I want your big dick forever!

I am planning on telling you

You have an immensely satisfying cock everyday for the rest of my life!

You are gonna have to deal with it!!

(I wouldn’t have said ‘the rest of my life’ if I didn’t believe in our forever!)



You are the most fantastic lover on the planet. Not just for your perfect dick. But for the way you love me. The love you have for me comes through with every touch. Every fingering, every tonguing….GAH!!!!!!

Please never gag me again from saying your cock makes me happy and that I love it. You can gag me for other reasons though…..if you want 😉

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