Just Daddy And His Little Miss.

When we’re as horny as we are, we miss what we give.

We are the same, for each other we live.

For those moments, those hours, that give us sheer bliss.

The times of our lives, just Daddy and his Little Miss.

We give what each needs, that can’t be destroyed

We play our games, we use our toys.

We have no need to be shy or coy.

Just Daddy and his little miss, giving utter sexual joy.

…That Night

I wish that night could have lasted forever
It was a pandemic across my body
Little death after little death

You and I in the shadows of that room
The freedom we felt, the lust we could smell
Our tongues were in a delirium

There was no ambiguity
Only pure sugar-sweet pleasure
And I had never been so high, so happy

We were each others confessor that night
My mouth and your cock
Your mouth and my pussy


So Long

It’s been so long since I fucked you in nets.

You know how hot that that image gets.

You know I fantasize seeing you in thigh highs.

Nothing else to clutter what’s before my eyes.

It’s been so long since I fucked you in nets.

How damned fetishly hot it makes us both get.

You in yours and I’ll admit me in mine.

Us fucking in fishnets blowing each other’s minds.

It’s been so long since I fucked you in nets.

And we both know that’s as hot as it gets.

The image of erotic our eyes behold.

The erotic image that’ll never ever grow old.

Cock Sucking Slave


On your knees.


“Please Daddy please.”

You want,

A taste of perfect cock.

You need,

Daddy’s cum shot.

I nod,

“You may suck.”

You smile,

And get straight to work.

So pretty,

Face full looking hot

I cum,

You swallow every drop.


Owned by me.

The best cock sucking slave,

The world will ever see.