My Mysogynistic Urge

My misogynistic urge for what’s between your thighs.
Is what drags me down to hell, back up to heaven’s heights.
My misogynistic urge for what’s between your ears.
Is what drives my imagination, knowing we have no fear.
My misogynistic urge for what’s in store for us.
Is what drives our need for a filthy fuck.
My misogynistic urge for your needs to be met.
Is what gets my cock hard and your cunt wet.

A World Beneath

Use your fingers,
Think of me.
The warmth I give,
Loving tenderly.
Ease the way.
Stroke as I would,
Play as I’d play.
Deep empassioned breaths.
Move with the motion,
Closer to the edge.
Then cum,
Cum hard, release.
And submerge into a world,
A world beneath.

The Hunger

The hunger,
It never stops.
The need to feed,
On what you’ve got.
Insatiable want.
For you,
For your delicious lil cunt.
Craving you.
I can still taste,
Your honey dew.
Feed me,
Pull me in.
And don’t let me go,
Til we’re both full of sin.