Fingers Fucking You

Your warm wet warmth feels so nice,

As my fingers probe to your delight.

Slowly teasing your arousal higher,

Adding fuel to your engines fire.

Pushing deep, stroking walls,

Lifting up to your g spot’s call.

Now your ready, your need is true,

Faster, harder, fingers fucking you.

Thrusting in like a Jack hammer,

You try to talk but words just stammer.

Until it happens, I feel the gush,

Your orgasm sparks that most delightful rush.

My wrist you grasp pulling fingers free,

You suck them hard, licking greedily.

A devilish smile appears upon your mouth,

And without a word you push my head south.

So Called Vices

Your so called vices,

Are my fetish, you!

Your lewd, crude pastimes,

Are what I want you to do.

Playing dress up,

My dirty slutish girl.

Pushing the dildo in,

Vibing til your little toes curl.

Your so called vices,

A kink that I need,

Your filthy, dirty games,

Setting your soul free.

Putting on a no holds barred show,

Showing me as you let it all go.

Fucking yourself into Nirvana’s realm,

Cumming, cumming and cumming again.

Your so called vices,

Qualities that I adore.

Watching my girl give,

All she needs from her core.

Daddy Likes

Daddy likes what you do for him,

Your tongue licking along his bulging shaft.

He simply adores the view,

As your hand firmly grasps.

He loves you sucking his lollipop,

Your lips around its head.

Can’t get enough of his Babygirl,

Getting filthy in a cum covered mess.

Daddy likes what you do for him,

It makes him feel so alive.

He loves the way his sweet little girl,

Laps up her gift her surprise.

My Little Slut

My little slut,

My dirty little whore.

Sweating as you cum,

Led naked on the floor.

Dildo in your cunt,

Vibrating aching clit.

Shaking into orgasm,

As your wet sex drips.

Your phone sits watching,

Recording all for me.

Your phone my window,

Letting Daddy see.

My little slut,

My dirty little whore.

Now my cock’s in hand,

Wanking til I’m sore.