No Stone Unturned

I’ll leave no stone unturned,
On pleasures quest.
I’ll use all my skills,
I’ll give you my best.
I’ll study intently,
Absorb knowledge you gift.
For I’ll never know enough,
For as long as I live.
Then I’ll bring it to bear,
My whole armoury.
I’ll use every weapon,
Available to me.
With all that I have,
I’ll make you cum.
Over and over,
Til you cry out you’re done.
So believe when I say,
I’ll leave no stone unturned.
To complete my quest,
With the skills I’ve learnt
For I have but one mission,
One mission in life.
That’s to bring you pleasure,
Night after night.


I’ll mix my saliva, kissed in with yours,
I’ll lick it across your face, then more.
My tongue tracing, across hard nippled breasts.
To trickle down to where it mixes the best.
I’ll spit it on clit, to gently please,
Wet my fingers with it, to slowly tease.
Saliva helping give a good time,
Moistening all that needs to glide.
As you cum, you feel the need,
To give me yours, to blend with seed.
So mouth opened wide, you offer wet hole,
To coat my cock, to take it whole.
Licking, lapping, sucking taut head,
You wet the phallus for the best yet.
A groan, tension, stuttered spurt in your mouth.
My greedy lil bitch, sucks every drop out.
Then rises to me, to end as begun,
A saliva drenched kiss, on cum tainted tongues.


A place? A state of mind?
Transcended through worship?
Or a fucking good time?
Is your vision as mine?
Do I have to pray?
Or just keep feeling fine?
Do you have the key?
Do we both have to kneel?
Or just you, before me?
I guess we’ll wait and see?
But I’m sure my way in’s quicker,
Just take my hand and you’ll see.