I lie in bed alone tonight

I lie there knowing I’ll have to fight

Fight for the love that we share

A fight to make our path fair

I lie in bed alone tonight

Knowing that in the end it’ll be alright

And in days to come we’ll spoon together

And drift to neverland to live forever


Barren lands

Bereft of love

Need only tears

Tears are enough

To wash the soul

To nurture pain

To give rise

To all that drain

Happiness, but then

Happiness shall rise again

Happiness self fulfilled

To banish this drought of ills

Barren lands

Awash with joy

Tear filled, nurtured

Now fertile soil


Write my way to you

I’m going to write my way to you

If it’s the last thing i do

I will, it’s true


I’m going to write our happy ending

It’s on that my heart is depending

The love we’re both defending


So now i’m writing my way to you

Cos i know we’re not fools

And know the dream will be true