Destiny of Hearts

You and I will never grow old,

To many things to do, so many stories to be told.

Forever young inside our hearts,

Not beaten down as our youth slowly departs.

For we are timeless, eternal, we are forever,

Whatever tries to stop us, will not, ever!

Because when I look into your burning eyes,

I see where my fire, where my passion lies.

And age can never change the destiny of hearts.

For we were bound for eternity right from the start.


In parting again

We’re torn apart

But the fleeting time

Recharged our hearts

The love we shared

The love inside

Lasts time’s test

Time’s truly denied

For we fall in love

Every time we meet

Our hearts grows larger

With every beat

And forward now

I look to you

Til we meet again

To do what we do

Lasting the time

That we’re held apart

Our love batteries

Now fully charged