Dark days

The terminator is here

Hide, hide, fear!

He’s come to eliminate,

Come to devastate.

He sees us all as an infestation.

Vermin ripe for elimination.

Pain is our destiny,

Beaten down tyranny.

Bound, gagged,

Living in rags.

Anguish through domination,

Enslaved, a subdued nation.

But hope still shines,

Seen in rebellious eyes.

Despising the beast,

Beauty shall never cease.

For it lies at our core,

Love, peace forevermore.



Bring me my slapstick

We’ll see how humorous it can be

As it brings squeals of delight

From both you and me

As each and every strike

Brings a smile and a laugh

As each and every strike

Leaves a mark upon your arse

Bring me my slapstick

Let’s cry tears of corporal bliss

As I warm your reddening rump

My chuckling little miss