Little Ray Of Sunshine

Let me slip a little ray of sunshine into your day.

Let me slip my hard cock into your cunt, all the way.

Let me go about that which fills you with glee.

Let me fuck you long and hard til your weak at the knees.

Let me give you that lift that I know that you need.

Let me be what you want, let me be me.

Let yourself go and enjoy my loves gift.

Let yourself bask in the light that it gives.


Pick a scenario,

Choose what you want.

To be romantically wooed?

Or prey as I hunt?

If you could choose now,

What’d it be?

Whips, ropes, forced to cum?

Or just plain simple me?

If you had your way,

What would we do?

Would you be in charge?

Or would I dominate you?

Why should we choose?

We can do all the above.

Our imaginations run wild.

No rules to how we love.



Iniquity’s House

I close my eyes and remember the feeling.

Your lips wrapped my cock whilst straddling my face kneeling.

My tongue lapped up along your wet slit.

My finger in your arse as I sucked swollen clit.

Your head bobbed up and down and you choked on my cock.

As I fingered you hard, my hand violently fucked.

And there we both came using hands and mouths.

We came fucking hard, in iniquity’s house.

What Would The Neighbours Say

Imagine what the neighbours would say,

If they heard what we do when we play.

I wonder if they’d complain, call for eviction?

Or perhaps get it on create their own friction?

Would we know, seeing them the next day?

Would they blush and rush off, giving all away?

Imagine what might happen if they heard us fuck?

Would it be fun or much too much?