More Floor Pleas…e

The floor,

On hands and knees

Will you answer my pleas?

Let me show

You a world of dream

Filled with my tasty cream

Will you

Come inside?

Enter my doors?

That I’ve opened for you

A place to release your goo

Take me for a ride

Sway and glide

Let me show you

Right in front of your eyes

What you do to me

What you mean to me

My smile a mile long

Cuz your fucking me…

With your perfect schlong

Sometimes I’m crass

When I want you in my ass

Sometimes I’m prissy

When I want you in my pussy

At all times I’m full of desire

Tempting, stoking your fire 🔥

Mirror To Mirror

Love burns a flame

Lust and fucking

Fucking and Lust

Unbridled and never tame

You came on like a hurricane

Blowing away my defenses

Sweeping me higher

Pouring your wetness

Upon my flesh, upon my soul

Drip by loving drop

And I begged for you to never stop

I looked at you, but what did I see…

A beastly grin?

My beautiful kin?

Or was I looking at my twin?

This blinding reflection

Caused my instant genuflection

And I was ravenous for what hung before me

Your hands upon my head

As I gave you mine

And we both felt it, saw it

I know we did

It was you and me eternally

The mirrors prism

Caught our light…

Recognized our plight

And we were free at last

To go on forever here

Endless as far as our eyes could ever see

An eternity, for you and for me

Mirror to mirror

Reflecting our love ad finitum

Morphing beauty into beast

And beast into beauty

Fueling our never-ending fire

I love you Beast💞


Sweet lil miss,
Come give me a kiss,
Sit up on my knee,
Let me give you squeeze.
Sweet lil babygirl,
All and more in Daddy’s world,
Sometimes a dirty girl,
Suckling down til toesies curl.
Sweet lil fucking whore,
Begs for cock, for more and more,
So so special, a needy lil slut,
Definately Daddy’s favourite fuck.