Divinity’s Dish

My tongue roams about your body,
Taking in all of your tastes.
Licking soft sweet skin,
Not one inch or morsal left to waste.
Seeking your most potent flavours,
The flavours I favour above all.
And there I settle to savour,
To please my palate and soul.
My tongue drawing delights,
Drawing forth senses that overwhelm.
Your body giving me everything,
Both captors of feminine spells.
My tongue roams your body,
In search of that heavenly myth.
Only to find it to be all too real,
To find nirvana in you and divinity’s dish.

You And I

I want to feel my flesh enter yours.
I want to fuck my sweet little whore.
I want you to feel all that I hold.
I want you to be brave, please be bold.
You want to feel me deep inside.
You want to be fucked, you want to ride.
You want to take all I can give.
You want to cum, you want to live.