A puppet in a black ceremony

Love’s fingertips are Climbing

What’s left of my back-bone

Untying, freeing, relieving me

Of my strings

But, the ray of our twinkling drone

Singes the tips of my newborn wings

Blistering my resolve

Peeling my pain

I want you to ache for me

The way I ache for you

via Daily Prompt: Climbing

3 thoughts on “ACHE

  1. I ache
    Inside and out
    I ache
    For you have no doubt
    I ache
    To feel your tender touch
    I ache
    My mind pulses all too much
    I ache
    My chest it heaves
    I ache
    To feel us, what will be

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      1. Let me soothe that ache my love.
        Let me ease your pain.
        Let me be the painkiller you seek.
        Let me release endorphins from your brain.


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