Daily Prompt: Disobey (Would you disobey me?)

Will you disobey me?

Would you even dare?

Would you take a chance,

A chance I might not care?

Would you disobey me?

Or would you duly comply?

For you hold the knowledge,

You know the reasons why.

Would you disobey me?

Risk the threat of pain.

For you know in surety,

I’m a stickler in possession of a cane.

Would you disobey me?

Just to feel the sting?

Bent over giving,

Repentance for your sins.


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Daily Prompt: Peculiar

Isn’t it peculiar 

That we feel the way we do

Certainly a peculiarity

That fortune favoured us two

Isn’t it odd

That our souls finally met

If one were to bet

I wonder what odds we’d get

But one thing that isn’t strange

Is how I feel about you

There’s not a shred of mystery

About what you surely do

You make me feel

As loved as I love you

And that might be peculiar

Or not… my mind will have to see

So while I ponder my beauty

The strangeness of our luck

Fear not the outcome

Cos with me you’re stuck

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