Mouth to Mouth Application

Sweating palms

Dripping heat

Hunting to calm

Because, desire is my only psalm

I wanna be a hooper

A spade hidden in aces

A prodigy of you, my beautiful Beast…

Igniting you like a box of tinder

To the right, to the left

To the left, to the right

My sex is perfectly-ripe

Ready for you to swipe

Sparks from friction

Only add to our addiction

Closer than close

Locked in a meaningful resuscitation

Our word of mouth…

Never broken

For us…love is always spoken

via Daily Prompt: Broken

You pose for me

Soft pillows of perception

And jagged blankets of circumstances

We run in the shadows

Until we can’t

Until we fall asleep behind them

Hand in hand, together forever

Body juxtaposed upon body

My mind is spinning so fast

And my heart is thumping a deep bass

And I can see through your face

And I can see through you….

This is love

You are love

Love is you…

via Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

Daily Prompt: Archaic (Love Archaic?)

Love as old as time itself.

Archaic to some, put up on a shelf.

Not to me, not to you.

Love is all we know, love true.

I’ve never been fashionable.

Timeless you might say.

And love? Love for me will never fade away.

It’s old, but without it we wouldn’t be.

Archaic? No, not to me.

via Daily Prompt: Archaic