For me. And for you.

Disorderly and wanton

My thoughts, my…thighs

I’m eager to escape

Holding dear the hidden images

Of the truth that lies beneath

And your smoothing thumb

Ensuring not a wrinkle in sight

I’ll do it for me, or is it for you?

The janitor for my trash speckled life

Picking me up, cleaning my dirtiness

You spread me open

And swirl your tongue

Wiping everything away

Cleanliness is next to godliness

And where there’s will, there is a way

The ink on my side

Promises one hell of a ride

And soon we’re both visiting our place


Am I doing it for me?

Or is it for you?

I adore you Beast❤️

Mouth to Mouth Application

Sweating palms

Dripping heat

Hunting to calm

Because, desire is my only psalm

I wanna be a hooper

A spade hidden in aces

A prodigy of you, my beautiful Beast…

Igniting you like a box of tinder

To the right, to the left

To the left, to the right

My sex is perfectly-ripe

Ready for you to swipe

Sparks from friction

Only add to our addiction

Closer than close

Locked in a meaningful resuscitation

Our word of mouth…

Never broken

For us…love is always spoken

via Daily Prompt: Broken

You pose for me

Soft pillows of perception

And jagged blankets of circumstances

We run in the shadows

Until we can’t

Until we fall asleep behind them

Hand in hand, together forever

Body juxtaposed upon body

My mind is spinning so fast

And my heart is thumping a deep bass

And I can see through your face

And I can see through you….

This is love

You are love

Love is you…

via Daily Prompt: Juxtapose