Some nights are easy,
Some nights are hard.
Sometimes it hurts,
To be so far apart.
Some days hangover,
Sorrow from the night before.
Some days become weeks,
I wish I could be sure.
That it won’t be long,
Til we’re together again.
That it won’t be long,
Til you take away my pain.
But til then the nights,
They’ll come, they’ll pass.
And hope’s comfort soothes,
Til we’re together at last.

Cumming So Strong

Open up,

Let me in,

Let me give,

That ultimate sin.

Feel the lust,

Slide inch by inch,

Feel it stretch,

You lucky bitch.

For my cock,

That fills your arse,

Is what you dreamt,

In nights that passed.

But now it’s real,

Fantasy is gone,

That pleasure, that pain,

Has you cumming so strong.


Missing You

Missing you,

Doesn’t come any where near.

The feelings I feel,

The deep seated fear.

Viruses and violence,

Conspire to keep us apart.

Illness and unrest,

Slowly breaking our hearts.

Missing you,

Will never ever convey.

The pain that the world inflicts,

As it keeps us at bay.