I See You

I see you looking at me,

Watching, waiting to see.

If I notice you, if I’m aware,

That you’re horny wanting to be laid out bare.

My good girl, playing up.

My lil miss gagging to be fucked.

Wanting Daddy’s undivided attention.

Wanting to be lifted in the ultimate ascension.

I see you looking at me,

Watching, waiting to see.

Yes I’ve noticed, yes I want you.

But you deserve a little tease before I screw you.

6 thoughts on “I See You

  1. You love to tease
    Oh yes, I do know!
    The games we both play
    Teetering on the fray
    Balancing the way
    The look I give
    And the one I receive
    Wanting to tempt
    Needs bursting free
    I know what you see
    I know what I see
    I see you
    Mirrored inside of me
    I see you
    As you see me
    I love you Beast❤️
    I love all the games we play ❤️

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    1. I tease you,
      You tease me.
      God how I want you,
      Beneath me.
      How I want,
      To fuck into you.
      To give and receive,
      Let lust ensue.
      How I want pleasure,
      Pure hedony.
      How I want all!
      Give it to me.
      Hold nothing back,
      Unlock inhibited restraint.
      Hellbent on pleasure,
      Release passion’s taint.
      And CUM,
      Cum riding me!
      Cum crying out,
      Cum hard and free.
      Then crumble,
      Fall apart.
      Fall without fear,
      I’ll catch you in arms.
      Lie safe and warm.
      Hold as I hold you,
      As loved as when born.

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