Bound to Deny

Bend over my sweet,
Showcase your arse.
Pull panties aside,
See the spell that you cast.
For you know,
Certain for sure.
That I’m captivated,
Desperate for more.
Riveted to the view,
As you tease me hard.
Wanting to reach,
To grope, to grasp.
Moist slim lips,
Glisten to invite.
The taboo little star,
Dark yet so bright.
Bent over before me,
Frustratingly out of touch.
I’m bound to deny,
What I want oh so much.

I See You

I see you looking at me,

Watching, waiting to see.

If I notice you, if I’m aware,

That you’re horny wanting to be laid out bare.

My good girl, playing up.

My lil miss gagging to be fucked.

Wanting Daddy’s undivided attention.

Wanting to be lifted in the ultimate ascension.

I see you looking at me,

Watching, waiting to see.

Yes I’ve noticed, yes I want you.

But you deserve a little tease before I screw you.

I Want You To Want

I want to tease you,

Keep you on the ragged edge.

I want to please you,

Get all the way into your head.

I want you begging,

Want you desperate for release.

I want you gasping,

Hoping I’m not your orgasm’s thief.

I want you relieved,

Relieved as you lose your mind.

I want you thankful,

That I let you cum this time.