I’m going to whisper softly, 

Softly into your ear. 

Telling you all sorts of things, 

Some you’ll love,  some you’ll fear. 

For I’ll only whisper softly,

Once you’re bound, hooded, and gagged.

And then, and only then, 

You’ll find out, if you’ve been good, or you’ve been bad. 

Graced with rope

Slender body,

Long lithe limbs.

Graced with rope,

Tied for sin.

Openly fettered,

No guard to protect.

As fingers probe,

Your lust wet.

Tongue and lips,

Tease mercilessly.

A whisper to a slave,

Cum for me.

And then my Beauty,

As you tense to release,

I stop, I laugh,

Your bastard Beast.

My PreDICKament



Watching your shooting star

Through my lens, from afar

It’s taunt, it’s possibility…

It’s magnificent moment

Pulling forth those white ribbons

Used to tie up my insides

My lust, desire, and need

Three strands you’ve braided so tight


You’ve been such a naughty boy

A quick lick….

And then another

Tasting, swallowing, savoring

That which is mine

Playing for your pleasure

Releasing all that testicle-treasure

And my…oh my! I did notice the distance…😱🏆

The result of your actions?

My heart has an erection

And only your body can get it off

Yes, my love….

You did make my preDICKament worse


Come sit beside me…

May I rest a hand on your thigh?

May I slide it up slowly?

Would you like to know why?

Yes! Yes you would.

That news warms my heart.

And the heat I feel as my hand rises.

Well frankly, it gets me hard.

May I kiss you.

Soft, tender tongue play.

As my fingers tease you through panties.

As I slide them aside, away.

Oh you’d like to feel?

The bulge in my pants you see.

You’d like to let it loose?

Like to drop down to your knees.

But no! These people here watch us.

They read what we do.

Let’s take it off line my sweet.

Private for just us two.