Locked Down

You can love me,

You can like me,

You can give,

Or even deny me.

You can take,


Use me,

For pleasure’s sake.

I’ll be here,

You needn’t fear.

For I’m stuck on you,

Have been for years.

Locked down,

Plane’s aground.


House bound.

We’ll endeavour,

Technology’s clever.

Through screens,

We’ll make forever.

6 thoughts on “Locked Down

    1. Yes Babygirl, like today.
      We’ll love from far away.
      And given a chance,
      We’ll get to play.
      You with your toys,
      Showing me.
      Me I’m my hand,
      Wanking vigorously.
      No ban or lockdown,
      Will stop our lust.
      Well do what we need,
      To show our love.

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