Make Me Smile

Part your legs,

Part your lips,

Show me your goods,

Tilt those hips.

Invite me down,

Ask to be licked,

Beg to cum,

Give your clit.

Be selfish,

Want what you need,

Take what I give,

With wanton greed.


Cum buck wild,

Cum shuddering on my mouth,

Cum, make me smile.


Let’s be honest,

Let’s tell the truth,

You love to be fucked,

As much as I love fucking you.

Let’s be candid,

Let’s lay it all down,

You want to cum hard,

As much as I want you cum drowned.

Let’s not hold out,

Let’s not keep anything in,

Let’s unleash the pent up passion,

Let’s not lie about our need for sin.

I Know

I know you like the bulge in my pants.

I know you know it’s all cock, non enhanced.

I know you crave, to let it out, unleash.

I know you want to get down and suck on your beast.

I know because you’ve told me so.

I know cos you my Beauty let me know.

I know as soon as you see me next time.

You’ll be sucking the cock that’s always on your mind.