Why do highs have such lows?

Why does love grow and grow?

Why is the world so big, so vast?

Why are we where we are, lives cast?

Why can’t we think of anything but each other?

Why can’t we switch off until we’re next together?

Why do I cry without your touch?

Why sometimes is it all too much?

I don’t know, perhaps I’m never meant to?

But all I do know, is that I adore you.

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. We feel the same,
    Ask ourselves the same questions.
    It hurts being apart,
    But would it hurt worse without each other?
    Yes. For me it would.
    I can ask myself a million questions that I have no answers for.
    Whether or not I love you, is not one of those questions.
    I’ve never wavered or doubted our love. We are soulmates. Our connection to one another is strong. It will never break. No matter what. No matter how many why’s we don’t have answers for.
    I love you and I adore you too❤️
    Thankyou for writing to me here. Thankyou for finding me here.❤️

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