Tall Walls of Bubblegum

A tunnel of love

A rainbow of used gum

And your hand was my warm glove

The coffee in the air

Rang in our ears

Caffeinating our awareness

And for a time

I felt like you really were mine

This is the most fun I have had in years

Oh…how I want you…

Our bodies in a scrum

Our hearts up for grabs

Each of us aching for possession

Both of us lost in a thrall

My love, you truly are my windfall


4 thoughts on “Tall Walls of Bubblegum

  1. Colours like a rainbow
    Upon old city walls
    Walking the market
    With its old cramped stalls
    Careful my love
    Watch the slope or slip
    Wait to do that
    In hotel upon hard dick
    This state of northern position
    Romantic lighthouse visions
    Falling in love once again
    As we dodge home like rain
    Although again too damned short
    I’ll cherish that chance we had to court
    I’ll hold those precious days forever
    Making love via flights together
    So beautiful such a sight
    I can’t wait for our next night

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