Daily Prompt: Saintly

I’m hardly saintly, not always right.

But I’m honest, open, clear and bright.

I tell the truth, I’ll praise, rebuke.

I’ll hold my convictions, stay resolute.

That’s why my Beauty, I’m with you.

For no matter what, it’s you I choose.

You’ve captured me, my heart, my soul.

Tamed my Beast with affections as bold.

As bold as mine, as forward as can be.

A soulful reflection, perhaps unsaintly.

So forget the world view, let’s ascend where we may.

And perhaps our true love, will earn us halos one day.

via Daily Prompt: Saintly

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Saintly

  1. Spinning, round and round
    Laughing, giggling…the only sound
    Twisting a trick
    We’ve solved love’s arithmetic
    Front to front
    Bulge to bone
    Our bodies moan
    Inside this circle, this hoop
    A halo for which we hula
    A gyrating loop
    Our hips, our lips
    Momentum is kept
    Sex drips….
    Doing what we do
    Our saintly drive to screw

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