I woke at 4am to spend every last minute I could with you.

I watched you as you slept.

I pondered waking you, kissing you, ravishing you, but couldn’t.

I looked at your sweet smooth youthful visage, your contented beautiful youthful face. 

You looked happy, so happy!

I fell in love with you again.

As I did on everyone of the last five days. 

But this morning as I watched you, I fell deeper than I ever imagined I could. And you know the depths I have, you know the imagination I can conjure.

Beauty, this morning I fell again and I will keep falling until we find eternity, and there we will fall into one another’s hearts forever.

I have so much more than love for you…

So much more…

Thankyou for allowing me to be a part of your life.



2 thoughts on “Deeper

  1. We have already found our eternity my love…we found it in our first email. Our first touch. Our first kiss. The first time we made love. We found it in the vows we have both taken.

    You are right, it is more than love that we feel. It is family. We are each other’s family.

    I cry out….”Deeper daddy! Deeper!” when we make love….but it means so much more than the depth of our physical pursuits. I want you deeper than deep in all ways. Spiritual. Mental. My sweet man…every day I fall deeper than deep in love with you. There is no end to my love. There is no end to yours. Together…we have found our forever. I love you💀💀

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    1. You did cry out, I heard and felt your need.
      And I gave you more than love, I filled you with the seed.
      The goo that glues us togetherness, what you requested I gave.
      As well as our forever, I confirmed that I’m your slave.
      I love you with a passion, a feeling I can’t ignore.
      I love you and need you my Beauty, I need you above all…. 😍😍😍


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