Perpetual Halloween

I know a few tricks that’ll give you a treat.
Things that’ll make you tingle from your head to your feet.
I know how to raise passion, stoke your inner fires.
I’ll scare you half rigid giving all you’ve desired.
I know an incantation that’ll steal your soul.
But no words are spoken it’s a physical tome.
Where touch, the darkest touch, claims you for eternity.
Taking Beauty into Beast’s perpetual Halloween.

Such A Girl

Such a gorgeous girl,
Personified sin.
Open thighs,
Pulling me in.
Such a horny girl,
Embodiment of lust.
Wanting my cock,
Needing to be fucked.
Such a loving girl,
The home for my soul.
So warm and tender,
Giving all.
Such a precious girl,
A treasure found.
To be kept safe forever,
Eternity bound.


I wish I were snuggled,

Cuddled up with you.

In your warm embrace,

You in mine too.

I wish lonely nights,

Were in our pasts,

And we were spooned,

My crotch, your arse.

I wish I was sleeping,

In our love’s glow.

I wish we were together tonight,

But this you know.

For you dream,

The same dreams as me.

You dream as I,

Of eternity.