What To Write

I sit and ponder what to write,

Something original, something trite?

Something sexual, poems of love?

One thing I know, it’ll be about us.

I write for you, I write for me.

I write of things we’ve felt and seen.

I write our chronicle, our history.

I write of what will come into being.

As I sit I ponder, what tonight?

Who knows what? But I’m certain I’ll write.



Write my way to you

I’m going to write my way to you

If it’s the last thing i do

I will, it’s true


I’m going to write our happy ending

It’s on that my heart is depending

The love we’re both defending


So now i’m writing my way to you

Cos i know we’re not fools

And know the dream will be true



My genie is out of her bottle

And you are to blame

Beast, your bitch is in heat!

A dog eat dog world…?

It should be a beast eat beauty world!

Happiness a la Aristotle

That’s the name of our game!

And my epicurean stained skin is delicious to eat…

Collaboration my love! Our words twisted and curled…

Verses of you and me…swirled


via Daily Prompt: Collaboration