Each Little Thing

Each little thing ripples its affect,
Moving out growing bigger in every respect.
Each action taken has consequence,
What we do truly matters however circumspect.
Each time I do you wrong is a memory formed,
I’m sorry, truly sorry, I meant you no harm.
Each clouded judgement taken in haste,
Can miss it’s true mark and miss its meant place.
Each time that you cry it tears me apart,
For I love you more than all, from the bottom of my heart.

I Beg Your Forgiveness

Actions speak loudly,

But so do words.

And yesterday my Beauty,

Yours needed to be heard.

I’d thought out of step,

I truly misjudged.

When asking you to do for you,

When it should’ve been for us.

So I beg your forgiveness!?

And please understand.

That I’d thought of a world,

Said to be dominated by men.

And that I wanted to convey,

That you’re independent and strong.

Which you certainly are,

But in this context I was wrong.

So now I restate!

I correct my previous rhyme.

And I want you thinking of me,

When you cum, every time!


I love you Beauty, I adore you 🖤☠☠🖤