A blog created for our love,

Receives suggestion like the ones above.

Craft beer, holidays, all sort I’ve seen.

But none that mean anything to me.

For we created this blog to show the world.

How we love, how it’s possible to grow.

Whilst living thousands of miles apart.

We’re linked by this blog and two loving hearts.

So suggestion after suggestion can come our way.

They’ll never be tailored to what we say.

Because our love is no suggestion from above.

Our love comes from one place alone, us.



My ignition of mercy

Sticking to me
Crackling, popping
Exuding such powerful magnetism
Yet, it was clinging to nothing but static
But then…all at once
And out of nowhere…
My summer of love!
Culminating in our future mating
How lucky are we?!?
This creative expression
Like thumbs pressing
Leaving behind only their hollow-impression
Then nothing at all but a memory
Until you found me,
and I found you!
Your poems of love
Your poems of need
Your poems of sorrow
Your poems of sex
Oh my love!
I read you….right into me!
And you were
My ignition of mercy 
Setting me free
Opening me up
With every stroke….you fingered
Banishing all the hurt that lingered 
We were both swimming with the fishes 
Cleaning everybody else’s dirty dishes
Hoping for a better day
Hoping for a better way
And then there was YOU!!!!!!!
My Ziggy…zagging on stripes made of Stardust
The man who grabbed hold of the entirety of my lust
And held it out for me to see
Showing me how love really could be
I love you💕

Letter back to my love


You are my dream come true.
You are an angel sent to save me.
You are truly an Epiphany.
A blinding flash of brilliant light.
I was walking through a deep dark crevice in my life, with mistakes, pain, rejection, all sorts of emotions and dark thoughts coursed through me, slowly killing me.
But then you appeared, you absolutely shone through, you were as bright as the sun if not brighter!.
You were and are so beautiful!
Like me you were in pain, lost, looking for something but not knowing what. Then it happened, I read your post and felt you. You asked why? I’d been asking it too, I’m not so scary. But in each other we found the answer.
We’re not scary at all, we’re fierce, we’re fucking terrifying! But we’re brave and me and you have hearts of lions, we love all in, and we recognised it, we knew we’d found someone courageous enough to love as we did ourselves.
We’d somehow on WordPress found our soulmate. The other half to our incomplete whole, the missing piece to the jigsaw that we’d been trying to complete. Our reflection in loves mirror.
We’re still at the beginning, we still have a long long way to go but we know the way.
We see the light in each other that guides us like a lighthouse to our safe harbour.
We have faith, love, and a dream…
Let’s make it come true.
I love you my beautiful beautiful lil Angel.
Thankyou for saving me, giving me hope, giving me my dream come true.
I’m yours forever ☠☠
And ever 👻👻

Letter to my Love

To My Beloved,

We started this blog to share ourselves. To express ourselves. And what a Brilliant platform WordPress has given us! Your poems and poetry are, quite simply put, magnificent. Your mind never ceases to amaze me. The love that you have for me never ceases to amaze me either! The way you craft each and every poem is truly Brilliant. (not to mention the way you craft your short stories…and well…even just your emails to me! Each word you write to and for me is gold!) You…my sweet delicious man…are the poet between the two of us. I just sorta try and keep up…but your writing slays! SLAYS!

I thank my lucky stars that we met, that we’ve fallen so deeply for one another. I also thank WordPress because we met here. As amazing as it sounds to anyone I tell…I met the love of my existence on a blog! Lol…it’s true!! The chances of us finding one another were in the millions, if not trillions. When I think about the odds…it is simply staggering.

You feed my soul. Nurture my life. I cannot imagine living without you. I can’t live without you. You are my other half. My mirror, indeed. Beauty does sometimes mirror beastly things in life. There is a beauty and a beast inside both of us and I love exploring them with you. 😉

You are the hottest piece of male ass on this planet. And although we live so very far apart, and have so many obstacles between us….

Somehow we have connected in a profound way. A Brilliant way. We belong to each other, and always will. No matter what.

I wish everyone in the world could experience the love, trust, and friendship that we share between us.

I am forever yours.


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