A day dozing,
Dreaming of you.
A day depressed,
Sick too.
But looking at your pictures,
Helped the day pass.
Wishing I was well enough,
To spank your pretty arse.
So, when the bugs die,
I’ll be good as new.
I’ll have the energy,
To do what we do.
But for now I’m dozing,
Still dreaming of you.
Dreaming of the good things,
That will get me through.

Under The Deck

Under the deck,

I saw you there.

Hiding and showing,

Slowly stripping bare.

Under the deck,

Hidden from the sun.

Lingerie worn,

Exposed sweet bum.

Under the deck,

I wish I were there.

Pushing against that wall,

Doing all we’d dare.

Under the deck,

We’d get our thrills.

Playing, fucking,

Til both fulfilled.

Drying the sleep

Drying the sleep, of all that we keep

A big tongue licking all the hurts

The comfort of your face

Snuggled against mine

Let’s take it slow, make it last

I’ll put my finger on your pulse

Watch you close

In love we’ll bask

Sweet tasting yellow peep

A thigh, high above my skirts

Dirty tattooed lace

It’s the sex with you, my bloodline

My savior, show me your contrast

And hidden away my heart will convulse

Watch me close

My body is up to the task