Locked In A Tower

Locked in a tower,
Inside impregnable walls.
You gaze out at freedom,
To no avail you call.

Come rescue me,
Come set me free,
Come break my bonds,
Come right all wrongs.

Locked outside your tower,
I gaze up and I wish.
That I were the Knight,
That your dreams I could give.

That I could rescue you,
That a plan would ensue,
That I’d break all your bonds,
That I’d right all the wrongs.

So gaze down at me,
As I gaze up at you.
And together if we wish hard,
Perhaps dreams could come true.

I’ll rescue you,
I’ll hold love that is true,
I’ll break all your bonds,
I’ll right all that is wrong.


I want to disappear into a world all of my own.

A place that I can become that, into which I’ve grown.

Time has transformed me, like a hermit, I need a new shell.

But I’m trapped in the one on my back, I live for those beside me in my living hell.

I want to reappear into a world that I’ve created, grown.

Where my life is mine, all I do and create, I own.

That I transformed over time, my utopia, my heaven upon this earth.

I just hope it doesn’t take death for my long wished rebirth.

Every night I pray

Day follows night

Night follows day

On knees for each

I kneel, I pray

Do not forsake me

The happiness I need

Do not forget me

Remember me please

And as day follows night

And night follows day

I look for the signs

That my wish is on its way

That I’m not forsaken

That my dream can come true

That whoever hears my prayers

Will deliver me, you.