There are things,

Unspeakable things.

Things that I want from you.

There are things,

Perverted things.

Things that I want to do.

There are things,

Wicked things.

Things that my blackened soul craves.

There are things,

Lustful things.

Things only given by those that are brave.

So pluck up your courage,

Call upon stored resolve.

And give me those things,

And the pleasures that they hold.

Our Place

I’m not the only one

Slipping into this new world

You, my holiest of holy

Divining my direction

The days have gone by

In with the new, out with the cold

Trusting in my trinity

We are all one in my minds eye

My mind for dreaming

My eye for feeling

Sacred wants tapping out


Can you hear them?

Bent as far as my will would allow

Knelt before you now, waiting

For you to place your hands upon me

Feel my wings,

For I am your angel

And I shall whimper for you

For solace with you

In our place