Next Time We Meet

I’ve been pondering what I want,

What we do next time we meet?

Whether I fuck you with all our toys,

Or consume you without accompaniment, neat.

I’ve been envisaging us together again,

In our place with our best friend lust.

Whether I tie you down to give and take,

Or leave you free to help and adjust.

I’ve been dreaming the dreams we’ve always made true,

Each one has been hotter than hot.

And I don’t care what the hell we do!

As long as we give all that we’ve got.



Give That Feeling Now

Send me into rapture,

Give what I crave.

Give what only you have,

Give me depraved.

Bring me that feeling,

That gut churning surge.

That overwhelming need,

That pulsating urge.

Deliver unto me,

Feeling your way inside.

Feeling primal impulses,

Feeling what we hide.

Absorb the fruits of your labour,

Now take your reward.

Now suck up what you’ve created,

Now but wanting more.


Pick a scenario,

Choose what you want.

To be romantically wooed?

Or prey as I hunt?

If you could choose now,

What’d it be?

Whips, ropes, forced to cum?

Or just plain simple me?

If you had your way,

What would we do?

Would you be in charge?

Or would I dominate you?

Why should we choose?

We can do all the above.

Our imaginations run wild.

No rules to how we love.



A Kiss From You

A kiss from you I’ll always miss.

No matter how long I have to wait.

A kiss from you I’ll always miss,

Each second to the next I’ll always hate.

A kiss from you I’ll always need,

For the lift in spirits that it always brings.

A kiss from you I’ll always need,

For in my chest my heart it sings.

A kiss from you I’ll always have,

The memory, the reliving past.

A kiss from you I’ll always have,

Treasured possessions for which I’m glad.