Within Your Gushy Heart

Cosmetic flaws that get in the way

A woman’s worth, strangled desire

I have a sexual life, and I want to live

So much love, so much to give

Is it my mind? My spire?

And all those things that you say?

I want to blend with you

All immodesty and immersive

I know how you feel

Your pink skin, so soft

I know how you feel

Within your gushy heart

I know how you feel

When your body looks at mine

Oh…the games we play

Igniting us both like fire

Passionate, collaborative

I revel in you my beautiful man❤️

You are simply magnificent ❤️


It pulses, it bulges,

It feels like it’d burst.

Looking at you hurts,

Sometimes it’s a curse.

For I want, I need,

All that I see.

You crawling,

To me on your knees.

Take my pain, eliviate.

Use your mouth to satiate.

Suck out the seed that poisons me.

Swallow it all greedily.

Then I’ll have peace,

My pain will have ceased.

You’ll have been fed,

Both given release.


Some days we’re distant, so far away.

Some days we’re near, feels like we could play.

Some days are hard, so very lonely,

Some days are easy, like your here with me.

Some days we’re just waiting to die,

Some days we’ve waited and take to flight.

Today is a day that I feel far away,

But I’m not worried cos tomorrow will come and we will play.