Lust Addict

I can taste you,

The want is extreme.

Unspeakable acts,

Horrifically obscene.

I can smell you,

It stirs me inside.

If only you could see,

What’s hidden in my mind.

I’ll taste you.

My teeth will sink in.

I will take what I want,

Fear evil within.

I’ll own you.

Your soul will be mine.

And you’ll keep coming back,

Time after addicted time.



Passion flows, it’s liquid in its form.

It pours slowly from your skin, through heated open pores.

Passion simmers, it takes time to slowly build.

The pressure climbs til release comes, then only does it spill.

Passion engulfs, it leaves no thought or feeling behind.

Nothing can resist its will, and like passion, you are mine.

Hard To Describe

It’s hard to describe,

The feeling inside,

The excitement that builds,

The sheer act of will.

My chest swells,

The tears well,

Butterflies swirl,

I’m going to see my girl.

My fingers tingle,

Thoughts never come single,

A million at a time,

Ravage my mind.

It’s so hard to describe,

The feelings that I try to hide,

For the enigma that is us,

The excitement that is brought by our love.



I like attention,

Just like you.

I need so much,

You do too.

We are a pair,

Made in similar moulds.

And the need we share,

Is brazen and bold.

For what better feeling,

Than feeling each other’s need.

What better craving,

Could we ever feel.

So need me please,

As hard as I need you.

Love me my Beauty,

As true as I’m true.