Life Can Be Measured

Life can be measured in inches,

Each inch forced into you.

Each inch slipping out again,

Each inch with which I screw.

Life can be measured in moments,

The moments we create in lust.

The moments that you lose to me,

The moments and hours we fuck.

Life can be measured with blood,

The blood that feeds our hearts,

The blood that engorges my rampant cock,

The blood in the muscles forcing your legs apart.

Life can be measured in so many ways,

So many ways that we get and give what we want,

So many ways to get each other off.

So many ways to drive pleasure’s hunt.

I Lust You

I lust you

So deeply and depraved

Sex and all its possibilities

Are what my sinful soul craves

The paraphernalia

Of a filthy godless fuck

The feeling of your orgasm

As your body tied writhes and bucks

I lust you

Cumming in all your holes

Filling you with my burning flesh

Without me you’ll feel so cold

You’ll crave my insidious return

As I desperate need you too

And on our unholy reunion

I’ll fuck my way back deep into you


You, your body,

Your mind and more.

I want it all,

With my all, to its core.

I need you to feel,

All that I feel.

I need you to feel,

That I am real.

You, my wildest fantasy,

My dream come true.

But the fact, the reality,

There’s no dream to pursue.

For that vision,

That image in our heads.

Doesn’t compare to the reality,

To the facts in dream’s stead.

For it’s you, your body,

Your mind and more.

All that I want,

The reality I adore.

Your Cure

It builds so slowly,

Placid cool, to a simmering rage.

It builds in gradual increments,

Never once repeated, the same.

The need for flesh, the need to fuck,

The nagging want with which I’m stuck.

Only you know what will sate.

Only you can relieve what I need.

Only your mind and your body,

Will give me peace.

It’s building slowly,

Now, as I type these words.

It’ll soon be time for you to administer,

The requirement, your cure.