Daily Prompt: Foreign

We live in two countries,

Thousands of miles apart.

Millions of strangers between,

But somehow we got a start.

We live in separate nations,

Oceans in between.

But to me you’re far less foreign,

Than my own sovereign Queen.

We are in essence alien,

Cultures different yet the same.

But at the base of all is our love,

Identical wherever we stay.

via Daily Prompt: Foreign

Our Children!

Must our children pay a price?

For their ancestor’s mistakes.

Can we not draw a line?

Let them choose their own fate.

Must our children inherit our prejudice?

Our disdain for that not ours.

Can they not decide?

Isn’t that within your power?

Our children I tell you!

You alone must act!

Do not believe all,

Presented from past as fact.

Study the evidence,

Decide for yourselves.

And then and only then,

With wisdom set sail.