Tonight, right now

I want to tell you what to do
Tonight, right now
I want to tell you how to touch me
Tonight, right now
I want to tell you what to do…
Tonight and every night
This incredible burden of unhappiness
I want you to take it from me
Cut me open
Reach inside
Rip it from me
Limb from limb
Breaking the limbs as you go
I need something
I need someone
Tonight, right now

Buckshot Has A Voice

Your words…

Are your weapons of choice

Who knew buckshot had a voice…

You’ve made sure the shrapnel is deeply buried

A cellular pain that must be carried

How much more can I take…

Before I bend so far, I snap and break?

I’m out of my head tonight

I’ve conceded the fight

But the question’s remain

In my mind, they are a permanent stain

The what if’s?

The how’s?

The when’s?

The where’s?

Impossibility has punctured my tranquility

It’s needling need…a junkie’s disability

My heart-burns with destructive despair

And no amount of antacid

Can clean it’s toxic air

Right now, nothing is placid

Cleave Unto Myself

I’m wasting away

Into small puffs of nothing

If that’s what you want

I’m numb, yet warm

Always looking for more

So I wait until you leave

Then undress and start to pray…

My secret-lover’s hymnal sticks to me like static-cling

And his deliverance stares at me like a taunt

My needs have become bees that swarm

Buzzing and biting deep in my core

Until suddenly…me, myself, and I…cleave