A Cup With No Lid

How can a thumb crush?

Pressing mine against the window

I’m looking at the world on the other side

It’s making me so cold in the middle…

My eyes close on a deep breath

As my thumb depresses the up

My spirit is in such a shaking rush…

I’m standing on one leg like a pink flamingo

So pretty to look at…even though I’m nibbling at my hide

I wanna get high and lost, and that’s not a riddle

A light shone down yesterday, it was a little death

I tried to catch it, but I didn’t have a lid on my cup

I Know My Words Bruised

The words bruised

Squeezing their interrogation

And their love suffocated

Fixated and fused…

This needless ablation

That they both hated

Their pain was Edible

As they feasted to the bone

Gnashing, snarling, gnawing

Until another bite became unbearable

And they both began to writhe and moan

Each fearing the other was withdrawing

Tears traced the horrible possibilities

Of one without the other

Of their forever becoming their never

Until their hearts had enough and slammed together

Exposing their fallibilities

Revealing their forgotten bond to one another

That nothing and no one could ever sever:

They were life partners that shared the same cardiac tether

One simply could not live without the other

via Daily Prompt: Edible

Stretched and Snapped

A cyclone had been silently brewing

Spinning and stretching

Until it finally snapped


I was a perfect (w)hole

But now my insides have come out

And I’m pouring into my panties


Now, every day is a new multiple choice test

That makes us both Grit our teef

Because I keep circling the wrong answer


No, you! No, you!

Do you? Do you?

Will you? Will you?

No. No.

Yes. Yes.


Just hold me Daddy, scoop my parts

Let the melting of our joined hearts

And the alchemy we’ve sparked

Bind us together stronger than ever before

I love you Daddy, and it is unconditional.

Truth Be Lies

I need you, my high…

Never to wave goodbye

It’s me…I asSailed myself

I unrolled the masking-tape

Stuck myself to the should’s and why’s

Now my fingers death-grip the topshelf

And I hang like a decoration-only drape

Looked upon, yet not used…my real-truth belies

via Daily Prompt: Sail

Daily Prompt: Wheel (Wheel of torture)

The wheel of torure upon which I’m tied.

Leaves me bound so that I cannot hide.

This device that lets you pull all from me.

All of my thoughts no matter how deep.

I know that there’s no point to lie.

For you’ll see it there in my eyes.

This wheel to which I’m willingly strapped.

Will tell you the truth, I don’t want to turn back.

via Daily Prompt: Wheel

Summer Rain? or Mental Shit-Storm?

This morning my wisdom is in short supply

In my dark matter, fear mushrooms

Rationality was given its walking Papers

And my heart has had a panic attack

Tears have salted my coffee

I’ve lost myself inside-doubt

And it feels like my body is inside-out


My mind is a greasy margarinefly

Floating in its dirty fumes

Breathing in its toxic vapors

Fluttering around it fuels my imagination’s thick smokestack

My ID, Ego, and Superego are doing mental karate

And I’m on the edge as they bicker and hoard

Feeling every inch of their triple-edged sword


Why does my happiness fall like a rain in summer?

It’s not supposed to…

I need shelter from these thoughts that suddenly drop

Stinging me like acid, they offer no cooling relief

I need to take cover under your umbrella

Will you let me?

My Lips Are Sealed

The seal of your confessor

Grips you tight

She wants to separate you from your dirty skeleton

Revealing what you don’t want anyone else to see

You’ve such a thick tongue depressor…

She’s sucking you with all her might

Releasing and eating all your creamy secret gelatin

And with it giving you an opportunity to finally be free

Will you take it?