I am your slave,

You own me.

You possess me,

My body, My soul.

I want you,

To use me,

To utilise me,

My cock, fingers, tongue, all of me whole!

I am your pleasure,

It pleases me,

Apeases me,

Gives me meaning, a reason to be.

I need you,

You need me,

You have freed me,

My adored Goddess, my world, you make me, me.



Let’s be honest,

Let’s tell the truth,

You love to be fucked,

As much as I love fucking you.

Let’s be candid,

Let’s lay it all down,

You want to cum hard,

As much as I want you cum drowned.

Let’s not hold out,

Let’s not keep anything in,

Let’s unleash the pent up passion,

Let’s not lie about our need for sin.

You’re Real

You’re real,

Not a fantasy.

Not a creation of mind,


You’re real,

We talk for days.

We tease each other,

With words we play.

You’re real,

I’ve touched your skin.

Camped in hotels,

For days of sin.

You’re real,

You cum with me.

You get sore as hell,

As we fuck endlessly.

You’re real,

You hold me tight.

We snuggle,

Cuddle each night.

You’re real,

You tell me the truth.

You love me,

Like I love you.

You’re real.


Never ever

It’s time I told you the truth,

It’s time I laid my soul bare.

It’s time I advised what I think,

Would happen if you were not there.

I think I’d die slowly,

A malignant malaise would unfold.

I’d die of a broken heart,

My body’d weary, prematurely grow old.

So I beg you my Beauty,

I implore these words you read.

I beg you my Beauty,

Never ever be rid of me.