Responding To Your Questions

Moving the fur aside

Just like our nature intended

Your beautiful thumbs…

Spreading my opening

And we both know what’s next

A little death, but not to boredom

Let’s try it all, do it all

Before it’s over, before we fall

Watching, learning

I must grasp onto this love

While it’s in front of me

While I can see it

Do you like it too?

My responsiveness,

Always answers your question…

Two hearts

Two hearts
The lines combine
Shape of your lips
My tongue swallows
Filling the hallows
Two circles
Riding on a silver line
Shape of our love
My hand grasps
Reminded of those gasps
Love letters of yesterday
Hidden away for only my eye
A tin, a London eye
My soul ebulliently rushes
My body tingles with electricity
My mind clicks onto one track
Is this love?
You have made me gambol!
My love….you are my greatest gamble
In my dreams we are victorious
My tongue licking your sartorius
Your body, gates to my heaven
Your soul, my angel of mercy
Your mind, answers to my prayers
I love you Beast❤️

Mouth to Mouth Application

Sweating palms

Dripping heat

Hunting to calm

Because, desire is my only psalm

I wanna be a hooper

A spade hidden in aces

A prodigy of you, my beautiful Beast…

Igniting you like a box of tinder

To the right, to the left

To the left, to the right

My sex is perfectly-ripe

Ready for you to swipe

Sparks from friction

Only add to our addiction

Closer than close

Locked in a meaningful resuscitation

Our word of mouth…

Never broken

For us…love is always spoken

via Daily Prompt: Broken

Frog Legs

You were breaking those frog legs apart

While I was eating my heart out…

Yesterday was cosplay! 🎭

Oh Daddy…

How I needed you!

Rubbing my middle

Making me wiggle….

I was in my sailor uniform,

But Daddy! I needed semen!

Top notes of lust played and played

And my body sang and sang

I kept spanking so you would start wanking

I rinsed and I repeated

Today was emotional

Oh Daddy!

You saved me!

What pleasure you gave

You never fail to satisfy

You brought me to tears

My visions so clear

This quest is the best

(And we ate green cheese together this time! Hehe….)🌑

I love to edge Daddy…

As you well know

My private area rubs and straddles that thin line

That in-between…

Tonight it was you and me👨👶

You were breaking my frog legs apart

While you were eating my heart out…


via Daily Prompt: Thin

Broken Bits Of Black Heart

I feel what you are trying to do for me

Opening my wounds, licking them clean

Those broken bits of your black heart…

Using them to look through me

Using them to hide inside my dark

I see you…a musician, a poet

Strumming my perceptions

Writing on my skies

Making me your musical…note…taker

My dream fantasy has become personified…in you

So, keep doing what you do…

Flame my burning desire

Flirt with my passion

Make love to my spirit

You have turned my very essence into beautiful effervescence

Soon I’ll be standing next to you

Your ghost of shadow

Your ghost of light

Duality pulling at the ends of your chains

A needful craving that lasts morning, noon, and night

I know what you’re doing to me

Seducing my broken black pieces

Molding them to yours

Do you know what I am doing to you?

You Into Me, Me Into You

A little something written with my beautiful, sexy beast…


Always wanting more

Need is a hunger pang

Words unspoken…

Bodies speaking slang

It’s you, into me

The only thing I can see

Feeling love’s rush…

Nodding off…

Falling into your high

As it peels me to my core

You cast all my parts that are broken

It’s you, into me

The only thing I can see


Always wanting
Always needing
Me into you
What I want to do
Love and lust
Equally balanced
Me into you
What I need to do
Time and tide
Will wait paused
Me into you
What I must do
Together at last
Spells finally cast
Me into you
Always us two

Ex’s and Oh’s

All around me are your hugs and kisses

Ex’s and Oh’s…Oh’s and ex’s

Floating about…like little invisible angels

A magical force field of flapping wings

They are the guardians of my heart, my well-being

You, my beloved, are the center of all my hopes

You have…Punctured me

With your love

With your passion

With your energy

With your lust

You have set the real me free

I am yours for as long as you will have me

I love you eternally 💕

via Daily Prompt: Puncture

A Chance And A Choice

Cover my eyes daddy

Let’s play peek-a-boo

I don’t see you, but then I do

I see all of you, deep inside of you:

We are a chance, and a choice

Plug my ears daddy

When your tongue tastes my tears

So many fall, two by two for all of the years

And as your heart listens to me, it hears:

We are a chance, and a choice

Kiss my lips daddy

I need to feel we are real

Making love with our mouth-to-mouth seal

Saliva washing away all our past hurts, so we can heal:

We are a chance, and a choice

Fit yourself inside daddy

Make us one instead of two

A new anatomy of me and you

Bonded strong, forever loving dejavu:

We are a chance, and a choice

I love you daddy. The way you treat me, your support, the kindness you always show me…the love you have for me, and those around you. It speaks Volumes about the man you are. You are quite simply put, magnificent. I thank my lucky stars every single day that you found me. You are my forever. We’ve spent half of our lives apart. We will spend the last half making up for it all. I adore you. You have brought absolute joy into my life. Forever, ybg

via Daily Prompt: Volume