I’ve Seen It

I’ve seen it,

That look from you.

Like a fat kid eyeing cookies.

I’ve seen it, it’s true.

I’ve seen it,

That look, that others wish for.

Admiring enchantment,

Feeling truly adored.

I’ve seen it,

I can’t wait to see it again.

And what makes it so special?

I know you’ve seen it from me just the same.


I Beg Your Forgiveness

Actions speak loudly,

But so do words.

And yesterday my Beauty,

Yours needed to be heard.

I’d thought out of step,

I truly misjudged.

When asking you to do for you,

When it should’ve been for us.

So I beg your forgiveness!?

And please understand.

That I’d thought of a world,

Said to be dominated by men.

And that I wanted to convey,

That you’re independent and strong.

Which you certainly are,

But in this context I was wrong.

So now I restate!

I correct my previous rhyme.

And I want you thinking of me,

When you cum, every time!


I love you Beauty, I adore you 🖤☠☠🖤

To Feel It

A cuddle speaks a bagazzillion words,

A snuggle says even more.

A hug says about the same,

You felt each one I’m sure.

A few words whispered convey our hearts.

A look tells that needed truth.

Things that just don’t type that well,

Meaning more than a text I love you.

So I can’t wait to cuddle again,

I can’t wait to snuggle too.

And I can’t wait to hug you tight,

To look into your eyes and whisper, I love you.


These Times

We take hope in those we’d trust.

We file into line because we must.

Win or lose the powers that be.

Have an obligation to look after me.

They represent whilst taking a tax.

They’re accountable it’s a simple fact.

Criminal the neglect of late.

Unlawful in scaremongering hate.

For we in this country, this continent, on this earth.

Are humans, all equal at birth.

We in this era have a simple choice.

Make it unity and together in one voice.

Say no to self interest, to division, to hate.

Say yes to brotherhood, sisterhood, before it’s too late.