These Times

We take hope in those we’d trust.

We file into line because we must.

Win or lose the powers that be.

Have an obligation to look after me.

They represent whilst taking a tax.

They’re accountable it’s a simple fact.

Criminal the neglect of late.

Unlawful in scaremongering hate.

For we in this country, this continent, on this earth.

Are humans, all equal at birth.

We in this era have a simple choice.

Make it unity and together in one voice.

Say no to self interest, to division, to hate.

Say yes to brotherhood, sisterhood, before it’s too late.

You Know What I Like

You know what I like,

A line in a song.

A phrase about us,

I know it ain’t wrong.

You know what I like,

You do it’s true!

You know what gets me hard,

You know just what to do.

You know what I like,

You know all it seems.

Giving me everything,

I’d imagined in my wildest dreams.

You know what I like,

And I hope I know too!

Cos what you give to me,

I want to give to you!




Here’s To Us

For the last two years I’ve written for you.

I’ve poured out my heart, recorded my mind too.

I’ve been sexy and soppy in almost equal share.

I’ve written it here, cos you’re over there.

You’ve done the same, you’ve shared this place.

You’ve written of love, of it’s beauty, it’s grace.

You’ve received me, you’ve sheltered, taken me in.

You’ve shared with me, all that we’ve long held in.

We’re in love, us two, we’re adoring in equal measure.

And this blog that we’ve created, is our own hidden treasure.

So here’s to us, to another wonderful year.

Here’s to us, and the love we share here.


Some days we’re distant, so far away.

Some days we’re near, feels like we could play.

Some days are hard, so very lonely,

Some days are easy, like your here with me.

Some days we’re just waiting to die,

Some days we’ve waited and take to flight.

Today is a day that I feel far away,

But I’m not worried cos tomorrow will come and we will play.