Love at Last Light

Lovers at last light
Our fingers grasping
As our bodies tried to hold fast
We couldn’t let it end
It mustn’t ever end
Friction pounded out our allegory
Each thrust was like praying for a never ending story
We knew in our hearts, chiming in time
That every moment left 
Was a potential victim of theft
Today is what counts
What we’d rather it didn’t
And despite our best efforts
Soon the night fell…
The three of us now whimpering
Realizing there was nothing we could do


Time doesnt pass like time passes with you.

I don’t lose hours, lose time like we do.

It seems to drag as I wait for your words.

It seems to stand still til your voice is heard.

Then when we get chance fast forward’s engaged.

We talk or hold hands and it picks up a pace.

It goes too quick, flies cos of the fun.

It passes us by til we’re finally done.

Then the breaks bind and time stands still.

Forever we wait, that is until.

Our time comes, a time just for us.

And suddenly time has that same old rush.

Time, Excitement, Wonder & Thrills.

So much time has passed us by,

But I still remember and feel why.

I love you and always will,

The excitement we share, the wonder, the thrills.

And still that time passes us by,

But I don’t care and I’ll tell you why.

For I love you and always will,

For the excitement we share, the wonder, the thrills.

Tickety Tock

Tickety tock,

Goes time on the clock,

Wasting what we haven’t got.

Not our friend,

Taking what we’d spend,

Clicking down to all our ends.

Fuck you time!

We’re doing just fine,

No matter how fast I’ll get mine.

Can’t stop us,

No way, I’ll tell you cuz,

We are forever, forever in love!