Times can be hard, try to the ends.

Can test us severely, with what they send.

Times can bring forth, the most wonderful traits.

They can truly ask us, what of our fate.

But hearts are strong, and can overcome time.

They can be tested, but pull through just fine.

Our time is now, of that I truly believe.

Cos time has tested us and we’re still one you and me.

Whatever time throes at us my Beauty I love you and always will ❤❤❤



Time brought us together

Time keeps us apart

Time to take time

Into our hearts

Time to accept him

For what he really is

Our friend or our foe

Sadness or bliss

Time will always be there

Moving in his own way

We’ll have to accept it

Til our dying day

Then free of time

We’ll be one with the stars

We’ll be together forever

Free of time’s qualms