Trying Not To Hide

I’d sit and watch,

As you chat and smile.

I’d listen mostly,

Think to interrupt once in a while.

But I couldn’t I’d stay silent,

Enchanted by you.

Your personality,

Shining through.

Your beauty stalling me,

I’d try oh so hard.

But I know I’d fail,

End up watching you depart.

And there’s the regret,

I’d hold for all life.

Too shy to speak up,

Try as I might.

So I’m glad I didn’t see you,

In a cafe or bar.

For there I could only,

Admire from afar.

I’m glad that I met you,

Here in this web.

Where my confidence oozes,

With no sign of dread.

I’m glad that you saw me,

What I hold inside.

For without your love found,

I’d be alone, trying not to hide.



The Room Pt1.

We walk to the room laden with bags in both hands. Leaving the elevator the high floor is dizzying as I look out over the open courtyard. So much so I avert my eyes to your arse, your sexy peach of an arse in its hugging grey joggers to steady my slight slip into vertigo.
You stop at room number 830 and struggle to transfer a bag over to free a hand to retrieve the key card to our home for the next four nights.
“Give it to me.” I offer whilst out stretching fingers to take the bag you’re trying to move. You smile and as you hook the bag onto my hand you kiss my full soft lips. I taste and catch the aroma of your fruity lip balm, and as what was supposed be a short peck delves deeper our mouths open and our tongues pour into one another, swirling, probing, only to suddenly stop as your hand finds the key to the room.
The key’s RFID connects and is recognised by the lock, it lights the little green LED and lets us in. As you open the door I get a sudden surge of adrenalin that banishes the last remnants of tiredness from my long haul flight.
You enter first, I follow, and as the door closes behind me I drop my bags and grasp you into my wanting embrace. It’s been months since I last held you, but here and now it feels like I’d never left. Our mouths find each other and carry on where they were outside the room, but now there’s a ferocity, now there’s an intent that I never want to stop. My hands wander over your body, reacquainting, rediscovering. I slip a hand into your waist band and squeeze the soft smooth arse I’d been eyeing up on my way in.
You pull back and giggle putting down your bag before pulling me into the next room. Soft evening light pours in through the floor to ceiling panoramic window, the outlook shows a glorious view over a calm ebbing tide. It’s almost as beautiful as you, but as we spin around by the bed the sun lights your slim beautiful face, your sharp blue eyes, your glistening lips, I smile and think “who am I kidding?” The view in this room is better than any panoramic view, nature created the bay, nature created you, but I know which I love the most.
I hold you by your hips and look into your eyes and whisper “You’re beautiful, thank you! Thank you for letting me come, for having me.”
“Thank you for coming to see me!” You reply before wrapping your arms around me and squeezing me tight. As I squeeze you back the kiss reengages, the kiss envelops us, takes over our very being. It’s like were trying to enter into each other’s body, trying to take possession through passion’s wonderful act, but we’re not trying anything, we’re succeeding, we’re succeeding in opening up, and opening the door to our very own piece of heaven.

You’re All Full

You have the advantage,

A step up above me.

You hold a trump card,

It’s your pure beauty.

You fizz with life,

As positive as can be.

Your glass is all fun,

Not like mine half empty.

You drag me up,

You keep me afloat.

My lifeguard in love,

My metaphoric lifeboat.

For which I’m so thankful,

Cos with you I’m in love.

And for you I’m trying so hard,

To be enough.