My tongue will taste,
Let loose to find.
Along moist lips,
To clit it slides.
And there it flashes,
Up and down,
Left to right,
To loosen your crown.
My tongue gives,
With enveloping lips.
Sucking the button,
Before it hits.
The unravelling of reality,
Transcending to space.
Launched to the never,
By nought but my faith.
And there I lie,
Like a serpent I slide.
Temptation unravelled,
Between your soft thighs.

It’s Hard

I’m hard every morning,

Hard every night.

I’m struggling not stroke it out,

Not cumming is a damned hard fight.

I’m saving my seed for you,

I want you to swallow a full load.

I want to try and drown my cum slut,

I want you cum covered, soaked.

I’m hard right now as I type,

It’s bulging just to tease.

It’s going to torment my weak soul,

Til you take me whilst on your knees.

The Showman

Roll up, roll up! Come get it while you can.

Words so sweet, hell, I’m the candy man!

Words to wet all lil girl’s cunts,

Rhymes to inspire every boy in his hunt.

Roll up, roll up! Come watch and learn.

Weaving webs from which you’ll never return.

Words that inspire lust, dragging you to hell.

Rhymes that hex, that cast my spell.

Roll up, roll up! Come now, take my hand,

It won’t hurt a bit to be eternally damned.