Pause Our Play

Feel the stretch as I slowly push.
Relax and breathe as I invade your tush.
Fear not my love for gentle I’ll be.
Your pleasure alone is what concerns me.
Prepared with plug and lube before.
You begged for cock deep in your core.
Wanting to be filled full, oh so taboo.
Needing the filthy acts we now do.
Easing to a pace as you open up.
What was gentle, is now being fucked.
Vibrator on clit as I drive into arse.
You cum clenched on cock, my slickened shaft.
“Oh daddy” you whimper in an orgasmic daze.
As I slow and ease my quickened pace.
“Oh daddy thank you for your gentle way.”
As I slowly withdraw and we pause our play.

All It Takes

All it takes is a little patience,

A little patience and lots lube.

That’s how I ease my big fat cock,

Deep inside of you.

All it takes is a little care,

A little care as we begin.

Easing slowly on our way,

To bliss with the ultimate sin.

All it takes is a little time,

A little time to hit our groove.

And once we get our rhythm set,

That’s when we start to move.

All it takes is a little love,

A little love to achieve this much.

To feel our way to the pinnacle,

To the top as I fuck your butt.