Edge of the Bed

Edge of the bed,

My cock in your throat.

Legs widely spread,

Vibrations, you’re afloat.

Riding the dream,

A dream that’s so real.

Gagging on cream,

What you want to feel.

Milk every last drop,

Moaning as you cum.

The vibrator stops,

We’ve both had our fun.


Daddy’s Seed

I love watching you eagerly waiting,

To receive the mouthful of cum.

There watching daddy,

As he feverishly tugs.

I work my cock hard,

Then whisper “here it comes”

Spurting into your open mouth,

Then you lick all up til done.

I love the glint in your eager eyes,

The happiness I see.

That you my loving little slut,

Love swallowing your daddy’s seed.